Tuesday, November 24, 2015


OUTFIT: jacket + turtleneck + boots - c/o Le Chateau | earrings - c/o Olive + Piper | jeans - c/o Joe Fresh | necklace + ring c/o Karma Victoria

It's pretty obvious that the 70s are back in style... in music, in design, and especially in clothing. Between my wild jewels and this suede wrap jacket, I'm definitely feeling the vibe. The coat is in the current Le Chateau collection but I'm pretty sure it's based off their old design archives from way back when as my mom had an identical one. The gorgeous brass jewelry is from local lovely, Karma Victoria, who has been designing and handmaking some really gorgeous statement pieces that pair perfectly with just about everything. If you're living in the Edmonton ice box, be sure to check out her booth at The Royal Bison this weekend. 

Photographs - Michael Borchert

Gifting Relaxation

Friday, November 20, 2015


It's no surprise that I'm a bit of essential oil enthusiast; my mainstay scent of choice is just straight up patchouli. There's something so intoxicating and relaxing about natural scents, so much so that I have them consistently pumping through my home and car via diffusers from Saje. This holiday season I've curated a collection of my favourite pieces for pampering and relaxation from Saje. 


This sonic nebulizer marries style with function in this sleek design. I never knew such joy until I switched from incense (which often becomes too smoky in small spaces) to an essential oil diffuser. My place usually smells of frankincense or lavender in the summer but to get into the holiday mood, I switch to any of the three smells from the Good Cheer Diffuser Blends (Tree Scents, Celebrate, and Peppermint Twist) from the holiday collection. 

I could huff this candle all day. It's 100% natural soy wax which means it's not releasing weird toxins in the air (like many candles on the market!) It's as if they made this candle specifically for me when they were picking the scents: cedarwood, pine siberia, patchouli, elemi, eucalyptus, orange, and vetiver. The votive can also double as a vase or penholder once you've enjoyed all 45 hours of candle.

Sometimes you need a little mobile candle to accompany you places. This scent, This makes for a wonderful stocking stuffer. It's also a soy wax candle that smells heavenly with notes of: orange, patchouli, indian neroli, champa, and cinnamon. Sigh. 


If you have a nebulizer, you're well on your way to turning your home into a spa, kick it up a notch by adding in this ultimate de-stresser kit. The face mask with a clay insert allows you to regulate the temperate by throwing it in the freezer or in the microwave. That paired with the Tranquility Mist (which has a hint of lavender) can take any high stress day down to a level 1. 

It's winter and lips are fighting the elements without any coverage (unless in which case you wear a balaclava 24/7). This trio has your bases covered with three moisturizing options in fennel, coconut, and peppermint. Yet another easy stocking stuffer! It's also made of 100% natural ingredients in the off chance you happen to ingest any of it as I've been known to lick my lips on occasion. 


It's easy to forget about those tootsies when they're locked away in foot prisons (read: socks) but they shouldn't be neglected in the winter months! This minty duo exfoliates then moisturizes in the most tingly fashion; yet another way to bring the spa home.


Take your aromatherapy on the road with this cute ceramic car diffuser. Forget those putrid chemically scented car air fresheners and upgrade to this heart shaped dream, you won't regret it. Fill the back with your favourite essential oil and improve your commutes tenfold. 

As I said earlier, patchouli is my mainstay but it's nice to mix it up for the holidays. Put on Vince Guaraldi Trio's A Charlie Brown Christmas and rotate between Peppermint Twist, Celebrate, and Tree Scents (my favourite). 


This post was sponsored by Saje. All opinions are my own.

Drumbeg Park

Thursday, November 19, 2015


OUTFIT | hat - c/o Aldo | Affinity necklace - c/o Artifacts | sweater - Joe Fresh | dress - Gentle Fawn | boots - c/o Le Chateau | rings - Gabriola Island

For the amount of time I have spent on Gabriola Island, it's surprising that I'm still discovering new places I have not yet been. Drumbeg Park is a great example. In the summertime, Mike and I weren't able to investigate due to a full parking area thanks to high tourist season. When I returned for Thanksgiving, the park was nearly deserted aside from a couple trying, in vein, to take some happy family photos with a fussy toddler and a painter minding his own business in the distance - a bit of contrasting vibes but certainly more accessible than the time before. Wearing inappropriate footwear held me back from going on any sort of a hike so I've only scratched the surface of the park but there's always next year!

Photographs - Audrey Karpetz