Holiday Journal

Friday, December 19, 2014

If there is one thing you can accuse me of it would certainly be that I was a complete goomba in the 90s and kept meticulous evidence to prove it. 1997 in particular was a pivotal year for this as I took up writing a Christmas Journal, one that I promised myself would be full of good vibes and happy thoughts unlike my everyday journal that was filled with curses and a lot more rage than any ten year old should have.

The book itself has a cover that could be confused with an I Spy book, a series akin to Where's Waldo? except you had to look at cleverly arranged collages and read a riddle to find all the particular items. It was a hoarder's dream; it was my dream. It was also a Scholastic classic.

Inside, I filled the pages with deep reflections upon what advent calendar chocolate I had received that day and even illustrated the schematics of how a Christmas Cracker works - heavy stuff. The grammar is dreadful and the spelling is even worse but my sister and I had a laugh riot reading the entries; I figured you might too. 

Forget the 'r' in cracker and cornucopia - I spell however I please. 

 Apparently Candy Cane Lane (a length of houses that decorate to the 9's come Christmas) has always been a disappointment.

 As I got older, the book fell to the wayside and my journals crafted from cut up, out of date textbooks were the norm. The final year, 2000, I wrote 2 entries one of which was a laughable 'Christmas Wish List' written in red ballpoint pen which included:

- Docs
- Black and white striped stockings
- Clothes (so very specific)
- Tickets to Slip Knot, I think they're coming (Only later to be revised with a "SICK WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!? written over top in blue pen)
- Music i.e. Dead Kennedy's, Screeching Weasel. Lunachicks, AFI, The Vandals (so punk)

Every year I am confronted with this bizarro tome and I wish I could speak to ten-year-old Sandy and ask her whatever compelled her to start such a specific journal. Then I would ask her about the Revenge Book she penned that pre-dated the now infamous Burn Book from Mean Girls. That's a whole other story in itself.

Gift Guide - Beauty Junkie

Thursday, December 18, 2014

For the pal in your life that's obsessed with the latest and greatest beauty products, the one who trolls Sephora on the regular. 

The new way of cleansing:

Aloe Vera // Lavender - made of konjac, an exotic plant, these cleansing sponges are free of synthetic colouring, parabens, phthalates, and preservatives.

Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator - an exfoliating past that smells of lavender 
Moisturizing Cleanser + Make Up Remover  - an oil cleanser with avocado and raspberry
Rejuvenating + Hydrating Face Serum - neroli and frankincense heaven

The most thorough and least involved way to clean your face; sit back and let this brush do the work. 

For the Hair

Give the gift of moisture in these dry times with this trio.

Top of the line hair straighteners are definitely worth it; when they say single pass, they mean it.

Make Up

It's back to basics with this palette of rich and warm shades of eyeshadow.

A holiday blush for that rosy cheek look with a touch of shimmer. 

Rich and vibrant lipsticks named after Hollywood starlets of yesteryear. 

Wine coloured tips for the holidays is a no-brainer.

Photos - Sandy Joe

A Tiffany Holiday

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

OUTFIT// Betty sunglasses c/o Crystal Cult // jacket & dress - vintage // shoes - Kate Spade // clutch - Betsey Johnson

Strolling down Bloor Street to admire the Tiffany's Christmas windows was one of my favourite holiday rituals when I lived in Toronto. Their delicate laser cut paper displays, always thoughtfully executed, displayed their latest and greatest diamond pieces with a touch of whimsy. It was worth the inevitably chilly walk.

Three years later, Tiffany & Co. opened their first stand alone store in Edmonton at West Ed (read about it here) and I was thrilled to be reunited with the brand once more. 

 This holiday they brought their window displays to life by hosting a media 'Dinner at Tiffany's' event at the elegant Fairmont Hotel MacDonald. Guests were invited to try on coveted jewels such as the newly released Tiffany T collection - which is truly spectacular to behold. After a glass of champagne, french doors leading into the Edmonton Room were opened to reveal a banquet table with perfectly lined robins egg blue boxes and oversized baby's breath centre pieces. After the initial gasp of delight (and a thousand Instagram photos later) we were treated to a decadent meal and fantastic conversations.

Thanks again to Laura Smythe from Tiffany & Co. WEM and Sarah Geddes from Sass Communications for a very memorable evening I won't soon forget.

Photographs - Sandy Joe // Michael Borchert