yeah, me too

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Greetings from Hackney, the "yeah, me too" district. Have you seen that Louis CK stand up? You should, it is too true.

Josh Styles and I made a trek way north for some goodies from IKEA, destination for all sad immigrants who need some bits and bobs for their empty flats. He managed to talk me out of the cheap hotdogs and I talked him into floral sheets. Fair trade. Sort of regretting not purchasing the moose puppet.

I'm slowly becoming accustomed to using my legs and walking places again - Edmonton isn't really pedestrian friendly. It's nice not having to deal with cars aside from almost being hit by them when I look the wrong way while crossing the street. I'm sure I'll remember 'look RIGHT, then left' eventually.

Miss Sandy

oprah, KISS, and miss p

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm clearly on groupiedom overload these days. Found this interview with Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley (of KISS), Jackie Collins (boo!), and Miss Pamela Des Barres with Oprah in 1987, right before Miss P released 'I'm With The Band' aka the book that changed my life forevermore. Run on sentence. 

Pamela truly holds her own while Jackie, on the other hand, comes off as an uninformed writer trying to make a buck off a hot tabloid word - groupie. She should have left the story to the pros, the dolls that have actually been there... and what is with her make up? I know it's the 80s but she actually looks terrifying. 

I love how honest and unapologetic both Gene and Paul are, I must say, 2000 girls in 10 years is definitely a feat of some sort. I just find this beyond fascinating.

Miss Sandy

p.s. Miss Pamela has a blog! Check it out here:

josh on the sauce

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Anyone close to Jash and myself know that deep down there is nothing more satisfying to me than embarrassing him in any way I can. Case and point. I wanted to let the world know that my friend known as Josh Styles in the Edmonton Art World is now minor celeb here as well! 

Allow me to introduce you to..... JOSH ON THE SAUCE! Please refer to top photo; not the stern looking man, but rather the bespectacled gent to the left looking at the orders. He had a mention in the Daily Mail a couple of days ago which I hope makes his insane job worthwhile. He's also had the pleasure of cooking for both Yoko Ono and Tom Jones.... and of course ME. (Ask him about his raspberry chicken special).

Read the full Daily Mail article by Tom Parker Bowles here. Or follow his blog and force him to update it here.

Miss Sandy

let's spend the night together

Friday, November 26, 2010

Let's Spend the Night Together Promo from VH1 Rock Docs on Vimeo.

I could die. How exciting is this trailer? It almost brings me to tears that I wasn't around for any of this. Air date is December 16th in the states.... WHAT ABOUT THE UK? How and where can I watch this? 
A documentary based on the the book aptly titled 'Let's Spend The Night Together: Backstage Secrets of Rock Muses and Supergroupies' by Miss Pamela Des Barres. SO EXCITING. Thank you VH1 for your hot jam Rock Doc's. If I were in Los Angeles.... (let alone North America!) I would be trying my best to make it out to this cinefamily premiere. Someone please go and tell me what a good time it was.
I've been working google overtime finding a trailer that is viewable across the pond and I came across this tumblr account - 'It's Only Rock and Roll!' which is THE most definitive collection of Miss Pamela photographs I have ever found. It turned me onto this book also which I will be going on a quest to acquire now.

Miss Sandy

Lady Lazarus

Friday, November 19, 2010

Made it to London. Barely. I'm a whole lot worse for wear. Having yet another Sylvia Plath 'The Bell Jar' experience much like the last time I arrived. I'm sure it will pass. Photos to come soon. Lucky for me I have a friend like Jash who will meet me at the airport with red velvet cupcakes and force me to stay up to beat jet lag by feeding me sushi in bed. 

Miss Sandy

Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I can't seem to escape the prairies. After a day of travel and hauling my gear all around I ended up 3 hours away from Edmonton. Yes, I'm in Calgary. HOW? WHY? Because it decided to snow finally. Unbelievable. If things had gone according to plan I would be eating treats with Jash in London RIGHT NOW. Instead, I'm watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and counting down the minutes till I can say goodbye to the snow.

Big thanks to Dude Bro for letting me couch surf and for a solid meal because I HAVE NO CANADIAN MONEY LEFT. Aughhhh. I can't stand it! Good grief.

Miss Sandy

this is england

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Apparently this is my future. However, I would like to note that London Fields is a nice place to hang out and despite the fact that I will be living in East London, I will not be subscribing to such silliness. Is it bad that I kinda think this song is catchy? Londontown, here I come!

Miss Sandy