prairie fire

Friday, September 30, 2011

Western Canada Fashion Week has come to an end and I'm left processing what I saw the last three days; I had to let it sink in fully. All I can say - thank goodness for Malorie Urbanovitch. Seriously. The most professional show I have seen yet. The shoes matched (and fit!). The models were polished (courtesy of Mode Models), the hair and make up were stunning (courtesy of Mousy Browns & Nickol Walkemeyer), and the clothing! There are almost no words. 

Seriously witchay vibes from these looks. 

Clean lines and an incredible colour scheme I liken to the geysers of Yellowstone National Park and prairie fires prevailed. The one garment that absolutely blew my mind was the two-toned grey and rust sheath dress with black piping.


It wasn't just the impeccable attention to detail, Urbanovitch managed to create an atmosphere around her collection. I found myself completely silent (for once) watching in awe of what was presented before me.  On top of it all, it was cohesive, not exclusively with the palate, but the over all feel as well. I look forward to see which direction she goes in next fashion week.

coming down

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


miss katie: fringe top - urban planet. leggings - american apparel. necklace - thomas sabo. shades - dior. shoes - gravity pope. 
miss sandy: jacket - st john for holt renfrew. crocheted vest (worn backwards) -vintage. tights - h&m. belt - vintage. black slip - nanette lepore. boots - michael kors. necklaces - prryha & vintage.

Now that we got the Debbie Downer post out of the way we can move on to more interesting things such as what I wore last weekend, what I did post WCFW and how I can't stop listening to Dum Dum Girls new album Only In Dreams which was officially released yesterday. All I do these days is cruise around in the Chevy listening to this album which I believe to be the most perfect thing put out this year.


Both Friday and Saturday found me out listening to live music after fashion fun - Friday was the grand re-opening of the Baby Seal Club. We mostly went to see our friend's band Jaguar Mode - a New Order Joy Division-y sound. (They are quite new and have yet to have an internet presence) We had a minor run in with the police - I keep forgetting I'm not in England where drinking on the street is PERFECTLY acceptable. Fortunately, there were no tickets involved. The club itself has a dive-y art space look to it, very cozy and intimate. It was a great time until I realized people were smoking inside the building at which point I promptly left, but not before blissing out to JM's synthy jams.

Thanks again for all the positive feedback I've been receiving the past few days re: Western Canada Fashion Week post and to my new followers! Exciting times. 

Miss Sandy 

hey girl

Friday, September 23, 2011


Day one of Western Canada Fashion Week. I wore this.
blazer - st john for holt renfrew. striped t shirt - ralph lauren polo. shorts - thrifted. tights - american apparel. boots - michael kors. purse - winners. necklaces prryha/thrifted. ring - banana republic.

Miss Sandy

in my head

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


wearing: tapestry handbag - vintage. 30s rosary - the tattered rose. seal necklace - pyrrha. slip - nanette lepore. sheer top - vintage. velvet skirt - 90s le chateau. suede belt - vintage. striped tights - h&m. boots - michael kors.

As previously mentioned, I've been on a monochromatic train. I'd like to think I'm channeling both the gypsyness of Stevie Nicks and the bad assness of the Dum Dum Girls. (Have you heard their new album? It's tops!) 'Witchay Woman' is definitely my A/W '11 look and it involves heavy velvets, flowing tops, and miles of vintage fur. A bizarro version of my fave rave's The GTO's.  What is everyone else getting into this Autumn?

It was a race with the sun; watching it set over Victoria Hill was spectacular. The only thing that could have made it perfect was if there had been a hot dog vendor on hand. Only in dreams!

in my head - dum dum girls

miss sandy

PS - I recently had my hair cut by the amazing Miss Patricia at Celebrity Hair Salon. It had been a YEAR since this mop top was trimmed and I think she did an exceptional job! There is nothing I love more than having an extra reason to go visit a good friend. Check out her page here  - she does wonderful work.

crude city

Saturday, September 17, 2011


wearing: jean jacket - vintage levi's. men's dress shirt - pierre cardin. suede belt - vintage. mickey mouse necklace - vintage. tap pants - vintage. tights - club monaco. sunglasses - ray ban. ring - banana republic. hat - pilfered from josh. army bag - from my youth. shoes - michael kors.

Hello Champion City! Western Canada Fashion Week is due to begin in mere days and I couldn't be more excited as I will be blogging about it. The last time I attended fashion week in Edmonton it was in its infancy, literally the first year it began. It was a modest affair held at Planet Z but I remember enjoying myself. It will be interesting to see how much the event has grown since then.

I obviously had some civic pride in mind for this particular shoot. Strathearn Drive has one of the best views of the city... although McNally might win top prize for that.

crude city - malibu kens

Miss Sandy