skeleton dance

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Look! A plane!

wearing: skeleton sweater - the pretty secrets vintage (get it HERE)
skirt - asos
tights - joe fresh
heels - michael kors 
purse - betsey johnson

Finally starting to get into the spirit 11 days prior to Halloween. I'll admit I haven't even begun to think of a costume and as the date looms over me it's doubtful any effort will be put forth. Instead I'll sport spooky inspired pieces like this sweater paired with my Betsey Johnson ceramic heart studded handbag, an accessory I hold dear to my heart. It was purchased on my first and only trip to NYC six years ago. Though it is small in size and cute in demeanour, it doubles as a deadly weapon. Weighing in at nearly 2lbs (yes I was curious enough to weigh it) this handbag is the ideal accessory for assault prevention.

x Miss Sandy


Kassandra said...

haha your hilarious! Love this look! And the sweater is awesome!
<3 Kastles

JennaStevie said...

This sweater is awesome, so great with that flouncy skirt and kickass clutch. That clutch would make a really good weapon if you had to use it. I really love these photos.
I wish I was dressing up for halloween this year, I love making my costumes but I won't be in town.


Rebecca Jane said...

So this is an adorable outfit! That skeleton sweater = totally fun. I think my favourite shot is actually the one where you're pointing up in the sky laughing - so cute!

Courtney Erin said...

I love that sweater...and that purse sounds like it could double as an assault weapon, and that's my kind of bag. I usually go all out for Halloween but am cancelling every thing this year to move apartments on November 1. Which really bums me out, especially since I've been working on my costume since May!

Courtney ~

Melanie Liliana said...

your pictures are so cute! I absolutely love that skirt!! and gotta love that skeleton sweater :)

Northern Style Exposure said...

This outfit has such a great shape! You look amazing

Joey said...

I adore that bag! I like that it's for self-protection, too hehe

Love the overall outfit. The skeleton is super cute.

Halloween's not a major thing over here, so it's a pretty normal month for me

CC said...

Love how you did your hair!
Glad you still have that purse.
You are a beauty!

Allison Taylor said...

Girl, you are so pretty! That sweater is great, never to early to wear skulls.

Elegantesque said...

You look so pretty and so cute !



Elegantesque Blog

his little lady said...

These shots are absolutely perfect!! Loving this outfit!
xo TJ