studded hearts

Monday, October 1, 2012

wearing: studded wrangler shorts - by The Pretty Secrets // t shirt - my dad's // braided leather headband c/o my sister // tooled leather belt - island thrift store

I have made a glorious return to my punk roots by ordering hundreds of  wacky shaped studs and obsessively bedazzling any plain surface I can find in my closet. The first victim: a pair of Wranglers I made into cut offs then studded with gold hearts on the front right leg and back left pocket. I know it's nearing winter but I'm that girl that wears shorts year round. In fact, I just went on a hefty tights binge at Winners just to facilitate my addiction to wearing summer clothes out of season. 



Aside from my new creation, I would also like to reintroduce everyone to Griff, our neighbours dog. Never have I met such a lovely dog. To say he is the only reason I go to Gabriola would not be far from true. Look at that face! Best. Cuddle. Buddy. EVER.


What's the verdict on the studded heart shorts?

x Miss Sandy


Courtney Erin said...

I love them! And not just because I secretly want a bedazzler more than anything in the world so that I can just decorate the crap out of everything I own.

Courtney ~

CC said...

Verdict: I need a pair with silver hearts! Your creativity never ceases to impress.

JennaStevie said...

I LOVE THESE SHORTS. Studded hearts?! I read the title and knew I was going to love them. Keep your eye on them, I may try to steal them :)
And that pup has a lovable little face

Danielle said...

LOVE the shorts! So cute, I want a pair!

Issa Tchieu said...

U have a beautiful face.
and that is a cute little puppy!