i don't ever want the beat to stop

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

floral maxi vest - vintage
black dress - jacob
tights - american apparel
necklace - vintage
boots - vintage
belt - vintage

An outfit post, as promised. Last Friday I attended the Dress Me Dearly shopping party at American Apparel for their 7th birthday at the Whyte Ave location. It was a swell time with hot jams from local babe djs Girls Club. For a full photo recap visit Dress Me Dearly's blog

I was channeling my inner Brenda Walsh. The original Beverly Hills 90210 has been my latest and greatest style inspiration, so many outfits have me shouting at the television "I loooooooove that." "Soooooo East London."

x miss sandy

wayback wednesday - costume jewelry

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

wayback wednesday title

It has been a treacherous week to say the least and I do promise that an outfit post is in the pipeline - long overdue! In the meantime, I'll try to keep it light despite the sad news bestowed upon my old friends and I.  If you didn't know Alex, Stirling Wood wrote a really beautiful piece on him for the Edmonton Skateboard Association that is truly a reflection of his personality. Sigh. Am I really at that age when tragic things are beginning to happen?

ANYWAY. Here are some lovely flowers from The Artworks covered in a fraction of my costume jewelry collection.


The Lovely Miss Vickie of Adventures in Fashion is to credit for my return to costume jewelry - she interviewed Kendall Barber of City & Dale and myself for the Edmonton Journal a couple of weeks ago on DIYing rhinestone jewelry. Mine likely won't be painted with nail polish but I do intend on reincorporating them into my wardrobe.

Miss Sandy

wayback wednesday - go ask alice

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

wayback wednesday title

In Grade 7 I was fortunate enough to have a truly inspiring English teacher. Mr Capstick not only had a wicked name but he was also the authority on captivating books to read. Through him I was introduced to the published diary of a girl that falls prey to the groovy drug culture of the 1960s. The book, Go Ask Alice blew my 12 year old mind to say the least, there is something about tragic stories that intrigues me to no end even to this day.

Last year when I was residing in London, I was all for cheap thrills and a Hackney Library Card was free. As I revisited my past through a long list of old reads, Go Ask Alice was among the reread books. Never having questioned whether it was factual or not, one boring day in Londontown I decided to read up on it. According to the wikipedia page, the authenticity of the book has been questioned and has been listed as a work of fiction for a number of decades. SIGH. Which brings me to the one glorious part of this inquiry - I also discovered in 1973 there was an ABC Movie of the Week based on this book!

Although this movie has a lot to be desired filming wise, the far out styles and clothing make up for it all. On a side note, two characters from American Graffiti were also in this seedy made for TV movie both playing the part of 'turned on' drugged out kids. Hmmm.

Without further adieu.... the happening fashions from the film Go Ask Alice

A groovy opening.

Squaresville Alice with her only friend Beth. The mustard mini skirt/pattern shirt combo is my favourite. If you actually watch the movie you'll notice the blouse is patterned with bizarro looking dancing elephants. Incredible. Beth leaves for summer camp and it isn't long before Alice is running with the hip crowd.

Overnight transformation into the no shoe wearing hippie chick seen above once befriending the wild and skinny Chris. Back to school, Alice and Beth have nothing left in common; Chris and her begin to look one in the same.

Teenage runaways in matching floppy hats and oversized denim shirts (how on trend!) Followed by destitute bag lady chic. Do I sense an allegory for drug use?

And back to being square upon returning home from the major jag.

If this has at all piqued your interest, the movie can be watched on youtube!
As with most films based on books, they cut out a lot of parts and used artistic license for some of the unsavoury bits. My feelings are the same as The Runaways movie I posted on last year, better to read the book for the full story. 

(theme song for Go Ask Alice - this music video is pretty incredible)

x Miss Sandy

i'll be your mirror

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Canadian Karpetz (1 of 8)
The Canadian Karpetz (6 of 8)
The Canadian Karpetz (2 of 8)
The Canadian Karpetz (4 of 8)
The Canadian Karpetz (5 of 8)

photographs by Sir Harvey Miedreich

black slip - nanette lepore
lace dress - thrifted
jean jacket - thrifted
polka dot tights - wolford
boots - vintage
tote - rough trade records
sunglasses - ray ban wayfarers
gold heart locket - my mums

Often enough I forget that Edmonton's river valley is a wonderful resource to have at one's fingertips. Lucky for me I have a handful of friends who fancy a nature walk when the weather is nice. Harvey and I took a stroll around Hawrelak Park admiring the sights (people everywhere) and sounds (screaming children) the green space had to offer.

Wayback Wednesday - Honey Beauty Book

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

wayback wednesday title

I have recently identified that my posting has become both infrequent and irregular and in hopes of resolving this situation I have come up with a weekly feature - Wayback Wednesday. It's no secret that I have a great love of the past, most of my clothes were conceived and constructed before I was, my car is an antique, and the only thing from the 21st century in my room is my television (which doesn't get much action these days anyhow.) I hope you will be joining me weekly for new instalments on my zany collections, photographs, and a plethora of other things I have yet to devise! Without further adieu, here is this weeks feature:


After my first year of university at Ryerson, I returned to Edmonton feeling a little dejected to be back home from the epicentre of Canada. This was short lived as I soon discovered both my affinity for thrifting but also the immense abundance of treasures that go unnoticed and unappreciated in this city. 

As I was browsing the book section in a Salvation Army on the north side of town I came across the Honey Book of Beauty. It was a English 60s dream, the photography alone was reason enough to purchase it but then I began to read. "When a man gives you the eye, does he look twice?" "Parents have a way of sniffing out the facts so, if you've been drinking, don't go home with a wine-laden breath." Chalk full of solid advice, obviously - I wish beauty articles were still written this way.

Further research into Honey and I discovered it was a British publication launched in 1960 by Anna Wintour's stepmother Audrey Slaughter. It lasted a little over two decades and merged with 19 magazine in 1986. Anyone else know more about this publication?

x Miss Sandy

teenage lovers

Thursday, May 3, 2012

leather jacket - thrifted
crocheted dress- thrifted
slip - thrifted
knee socks - h&m
mary janes - browns
highschool ID bracelet - nordstrom's
wild rose necklace - gift a la Miss Robin
sunglasses - ray ban

Just hanging out in the industrial section of town in a beach cover up and leather jacket like I normally do. I didn't realize how bizarro this looked until I was editing the photographs. I envisioned Shangri-Las meets Dum Dum Girls with a major emphasis on girl gang-ness. Speaking of gangs, Miss Robin and I are starting a bike gang, The Crude City Cruisers, for real this summer. While on a thrift trip she scored us matching wild rose pendants as our first official gang flare. This is just the beginning, there is major edmonton mojo to adorn our jean jackets. Get ready, here comes the summer!