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Monday, July 30, 2012

wearing: dress - dkny // suede fringe vest - vintage from goodwill // sunnies - the row from Gravity Pope 

By January,  I am usually conjuring up what my perfect summer will look like. Among the items listed in my head, a road trip to the coast is always near the top. My destination was the wee island of Grabriola on the left coast. I assure you my one week blog hiatus was with good reasoning - the remote island had limited internet access and I was more than happy disconnecting for a few days. 

While I was still on the grid, I made a pit stop at my favourite roadside attraction, The Enchanted Forest. If you have not had the pleasure of checking out this blatant gem on highway 1 (just past Revelstoke), here are a plethora of photos to display the fun that is being missed.  You may remember my first visit here from my 2010 road trip as well. 

On my next journey I plan on stopping at Miniatureland, which I hear is equally ridiculous and amazing.  The 'D' Dutchmen Dairy in Sicamous, however, is always a to-do. Their milkshakes are something to write home about. More island time adventure updates to come.

x Miss Sandy

shop spotlight - dr. martens store opening

Friday, July 20, 2012


Last week a Dr. Martens stand alone store opened in West Edmonton Mall to my delight. The party they threw was one of the best I have attended thus far. Not only were we treated to delicious ice cream and SIP natural craft soda.... but we also walked away with a gifted pair of shoes! It is no secret that I am quite fond of Liberty of London so my choice of the Strawberry Thief 1460 boots was, indeed, a no -brainer.


The store has been open just over a week now and I highly recommend taking a peek. Dr. Martens has come a long way from its strictly boots heritage; the breadth of product has changed infinitely since my last purchase of knee high boots at the tender age of 14. From floral 90s grunge boots a la Courtney Love to preppy oxford heels a la Cher Horowitz, they have got it all. The dream of the 90s is definitely alive and well there.


Many thanks to the wonderful staff at Dr. Martens and all those involved in the opening party.

x Miss Sandy

wayback wednesday - klondike days

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


For those of you who are Edmontonian residents you will remember in the not so distant past a wonderful fair that went by the name Klondike Days. Every year in the third week of July I enjoyed the thrill of gold panning, mini donuts, and midway prizes, that is until 2006 when the fair was renamed the very glamorous Capital Ex.


The costly fair rebranding lacked the cohesive theme that was once the heart of Klondike Days. Perhaps I was even more miffed by this change since I had just inherited klondike sequin stunner outfits from the 70s and no longer had anywhere to wear them.


After realizing the error in their ways, the fair has created a public forum to rename itself. Though the moniker Klondike Days didn't make the cut, I suppose I could settle for the K Days option. However, I love the quote in the article above from the owner of Henry Singer: "A Saturday night bath is more exciting than Klondike Days." I wonder what year that was from.

This edition of Wayback Wednesday comes just in time to remind any locals that the parade is 11am tomorrow morning in downtown Edmonton! With that in mind, I will leave you with parade footage from Klondike Days 1972

x Miss Sandy

sled island 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Days after returning from Vancouver I was on the road driving south to Calgary for Sled Island. If you haven't heard of it before, Sled is a 5 day music and comedy festival in the heart of Stampede City. Not only do they have a main stage at Olympic Plaza but there are various venues around town that play host to the abundant musical and comedic acts. Vue Weekly sent me south to capture the "vibe" and enjoy some live jams. 

As with any festival, I set myself up for disappointment trying to be too many places at once. That, coupled with the torrential downpour all weekend made for some trying times. On a positive note, I am finally confident in my orienteering skills in downtown Calgary and my hot dog eating without smudging my lipstick skills. Oh the talents I possess.

I was able to catch Night Beats, Reigning Sound, Nomeansno, The Ballantynes, The Urinals, and The Wicked Awesomes to name a few. It seems to me 2011 was a more exciting year as far as bands go. I remember looking over the official line up in my flat in London thinking it was time to come home solely to go to Sled Island. I didn't of course and I still have yet to see The Replacements documentary Color Me Obsessed (it was screened at the festival last year). 

Anyone else gone/going to a wild music festival this summer?

x Miss Sandy

vancouver in instagram

Friday, July 13, 2012

Vancouver in Instagram

Joshy boy's dreamy view

Vancouver in Instagram

 Little Nest breakfast

Vancouver in Instagram

Man of leisure

Vancouver in Instagram

Ghost drink at the Georgia Hotel

Vancouver in Instagram

Champagne at Salt

Vancouver in Instagram

Best of BC plate at Salt

Vancouver in Instagram

This gal

Vancouver in Instagram

That guy

Vancouver in Instagram

The fog rolling in

Vancouver in Instagram

Cafe Medina brunch

Vancouver in Instagram

Keefer Bar - 'Riding on a Rickshaw'

Vancouver in Instagram

Joshy Boy's eggs benedict creation

Vancouver in Instagram

Joshy Boy The City Forager

Vancouver in Instagram


Vancouver in Instagram

An executive chair #likeaboss

Vancouver in Instagram

Josh loves Olivia Stingle's cat

And I'm ready to head west again.

x miss sandy