dove of peace

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

dove of peace
dove of peace
dove of peace

I am constantly learning new things about the city I grew up in and the Dove of Peace has just been added to the ever growing list. It's not as though I had never seen it, in high school my friends and I spent ample time in the Millcreek Ravine but never bothered to look into it more. Earlier this summer someone had hung a swing in the middle of it but alas I was too late to photograph it. 

dove of peace

wearing: blouse - c/o sugarlips // necklace - goodwill // shorts - goodwill //  sunglasses - linda farrow x the row from GravityPope

dove of peace
dove of peace
dove of peace

The striped top was sent c/o Sugarlips and has become my go-to when temperatures reach the 30's. The loose fit and light fabric ensures breeziness but also allows for layering which will be the basis of my fall wardrobe. ALWAYS layering. The braided bracelet, which I have decided to start wearing as a headband, was made by Miss Katie of Bonded Design.

x Miss Sandy

lovely souls club x gordon's haus

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last weekend Lovely Souls Club hosted an epic backyard art party in Rossdale, some might even say it was the best party of the summer. The Art Bazaar featured local artists and dj's in a historic venue off of downtown Edmonton and carried on till the break of dawn (for some.) Between Miss Emily and her hooping, the psychedelic light show, and running into long lost high school pals it's easy to see why this was an event to write home about. Thanks are in order for the Lovely Souls who are making Edmonton feel like a major city centre by curating events such as this.

Photographs courtesy of Michael Kuby Photography. Visit his flickr and facebook for more dreamy photographs.

x Miss Sandy 

Gabriola Island in Instagram

Friday, August 24, 2012

gabriola trip

A couple of choice snaps from my island adventure in rows.

1. The one armed crab we did not eat
2. flamingo's from The Enchanted Forest

3. Descanso Bay
4. 60s vintage one piece bathing suit at Brickyard Beach

5. My busy work of collecting shells
6. Orlebar Point

7. A 60s cotton 2 piece bathing suit and captain hat
8. My new love and main man Griff. He's even cuter than this photograph suggests.

x Miss Sandy

essentials - island time

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

essentials - islandtime

Just a little compiled list of my top picks for an epic island adventure. Heavy emphasis on the literature and hot jams. What are your summer essentials?

Silva Bay

Monday, August 20, 2012


I am a terrible blogger. I have been back nearly three weeks, broke my camera en route home and have been rationing the posts I had left. Island time on the blog is coming to a close. So here it is, the last Gabriola post. I'm at Silva Bay wearing a vintage 60s hawaiian dress I hemmed. The best part about this frock is that it came with a matching men's shirt. They knew how to holiday back in the day.


wearing: 60s hawaiian dress - goodwill // sandals - goodwill // sunglasses - linda farrow for the row from GravityPope // 50s clip on earrings - salvation army


x Miss Sandy

Wayback Wednesday - 1920s Fashion Show

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I have been obsessed with a tumblr by the name of 40's 50's 60's. It is an inspiration overload and I cannot get enough. If you fancy yourself a vintage enthusiast I highly recommend following. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW. Actual footage of the latest trends and styles of 1928? This is too magical for words! Pascecan ecru lace trim! Don't even get me started on the musical accompaniment. I feel like the movie Midnight in Paris was written with me in mind, constantly longing to have come of age in a different era.

Would you sport any of the hot trends from 1928?

x Miss Sandy

sailor sandy

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


wearing: sailor hat - army surplus // sailor shirt - goodwill alberta // sunglasses - linda farrow x the row from gravity pope // corduroy  short shorts - american apparel // sandals - goodwill alberta

In 4th grade I was beyond obsessed with Sailor Moon. Like most girls my age, it was the only thing I lived for... aside from the plethora of manufactured pop groups. Collecting stacks of iridescent and holographic trading cards donning the faces of these fictional super heroes was top priority. When Halloween rolled around that year,  I had my aunt painstakingly sew myself a to the T Sailor Moon costume complete with the crescent wand. (Perhaps there should be a Halloween retrospective this year on the blog).


I may have grown out of that phase of my life, as well as the costume, but I still have a love of the nautical look. The sailor hat I purchased ages ago when I was on a family vacation in high school. Army surplus stores are always full of strange magic and on this particular visit I walked away with the hat. The sailor blouse was a thrifted find from a Goodwill in Edmonton. The AA shorts I've had for years and they seem to get comfier with each wear - it must be the corduroy!


x Miss Sandy

Malaspina Galleries

Friday, August 10, 2012

Malaspina Galleries9

Malaspina Galleries4
Malaspina Galleries11

wearing: denim shirt vest - levi's // bathing suit top - vintage // denim shorts - calvin klein // whit belt - club monaco // drumstick necklace - vintage // sandals - joe fresh style // leather fringed purse - island thrift store // sunglasses - linda farrow x the row

Malaspina Galleries1
Malaspina Galleries5
Malaspina Galleries7

When the tide is low there's a place you can go called the Malaspina Galleries on Gabriola. The limestone has slowly been eroded from years of crashing waves to look like the fantastic hallway you see here. In the 1920s the hall was even grander and covered in graffiti.

Yet another great island thrift purchase was this homemade leather fringed purse I found for a whopping $1.50! You don't find bargains like that everyday. Expect to see a lot of it the rest of the summer as it is the perfect size and seemingly matches everything I own.

Malaspina Galleries2
Malaspina Galleries8
Malaspina Galleries3

x Miss Sandy