Wear the Change is the mission statement of New Classics Studios, a local e-commerce site specializing in ethically made and eco-concious garments. A couple months back, I was invited to style some of their pieces in a Local Portrait which lead to me think more about what it means to lower your carbon footprint in terms of clothing and literally “wear the change”. This blog started as a predominantly vintage style destination and while over the years I have definitely switched gears in many ways, I still love incorporating my favourite thrifted finds on here. Thrifting can be a time consuming endeavor but more often than not it’s incredibly rewarding and I definitely think it’s something that needs to be showcased on this platform more. In the meantime, here’s a super cute mostly eco-friendly outfit from New Classics Studios.

sandy-69 sandy-60

OUTFIT | aviators – RAY-BAN c/o Shopbop | panda top – SAMUJI via New Classics | surface skirt – KOWTOW via New Classics | copper foldover bag – SMK via New Classics | dekalb platforms – RACHEL COMEY c/o Shopbop

I encourage you to read more about New Classics Studios and be more mindful in general when purchasing garments. Though the idea of going fully eco-friendly (is that even possible?) seems daunting, small adjustments to our lifestyles today can make a big impact globally over time. You’re one LED light bulb away from lowering your carbon footprint… just saying!

Photographs – Alyssa Lau

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