Baijiu, an Asian influenced eatery and cocktail lounge, is the latest addition to the Mercer Warehouse. Last week I was fortunate enough to preview their menu and have a small sampling of their offerings. Suffice to say, it was all incredible. Today is officially their first day open to the public. Scroll down for some tasty photos that will have you high-tailing it down to 104th street at 5pm today.


I started off the evening with the Sakura Spritz, a light drink with rose and hibiscus. It was a great way to ease myself into the madness that is their drink menu. Slowly working my way into the some stronger cocktails. Before that, the Devilled Tea Eggs arrived. Have you ever thought something was so perfect that it could never be improved upon? Well, devilled eggs were perfection in my books until I had Baijiu’s version. Maybe it was the pickled chilies or perhaps the crispy shallots, but there was a showdown at our table for the last egg.

baijiu-edmonton-4 baijiu-edmonton-5
baijiu-edmonton-8 baijiu-edmonton-9 baijiu-edmonton-10 baijiu-edmonton-11

The Fried Bao Ice Cream Sandwich was like a dessert burger. So. Freaking. Good.

baijiu-edmonton-14 baijiu-edmonton-15

Pork & Shrimp Lion’s Head Dumplings – the most perfect texture I have experience in the dumpling department.


Let’s take a minute to appreciate their decor. Even as we ascended the steps into the Mercer Warehouse, the scent of a smoky incense hit us immediately. Baijiu has their ambience game at a high voltage level. Neon signs, floral wallpaper, and a wall of bottles that is exceptionally laid out that even a pleb like me could appreciate the mastery of the extensive collection.

baijiu-edmonton-18 baijiu-edmonton-19 baijiu-edmonton-20

A shot of Hennessy paired with green tea – an unusual but complimentary match


My top cocktail pick is the Last Days in Vietnam. It was a spicy salty citrus dream. Describing it cannot do it justice…. just go have one.


The Spicy Stirfried Cabbage was so good I was too busy eating it to even bother photographing it. I will probably repeat this next time I’m there as well. Some things are too good to wait for.

Head on down to Baijiu in the Mercer Warehouse tonight at 5pm for their official opening! Check out their website here.