For my 30th birthday weekend I decided to keep it low key; a delicious dinner, a play at the citadel, some drinks at the Lingnan, all of which I was squired around town to in a Lincoln MKC. Having grown up in a car family (my dad has restored vintage vehicles as long as I can remember) I thought there wasn’t anything left to wow me when it came to an automobile. I was very wrong. From the air conditioned seats, the Sirius XM radio (constantly on the 90s on 9), and the lights on the side mirrors to indicate if someone was in your blind spot, it’s not hard to fall in love with this luxury liner.

lincoln-luxury-uncovered-2 lincoln-luxury-uncovered-3

First stop on the birthday train was Uccellino. If you live in Edmonton, you must go as soon as possible. The pasta tastes as if you were back in Italy enjoying a meal on a terrace people watching. We started off with cocktails and smoked olives followed by the Pumpkin Agrodolce, Ricotta & Pistachio Crositini that just melts in your mouth. Who knew I could ever like pumpkin served in a savory way? Next we shared the Bucatini Cacio e Pepe Salty Roman Pecorino & Black Pepper pasta and the Pici San Marzano Tomato Sugo, Basil, Pecorino & Parmigiano Reggiano – both were fantastic. The fresh pasta was served al dente and the perfect amount of chewy. I’m becoming hungry reliving this meal.


Post dinner we headed to the Citadel Theatre to catch Gershwin’s Crazy About You, a fun romantic comedy musical. I hadn’t been to the theatre in a long time so it was a real treat to have a reason to dress up and watch some live entertainment.

lincoln-luxury-uncovered-6 lincoln-luxury-uncovered-7

After polishing off a few tiki cocktails at The Lingnan, we headed back to Crash, Edmonton’s new boutique hotel right in the heart of the Ice District, for a nightcap and a snooze. The white tiled bathroom in our room was impossible not to photograph in a myriad of angles. Gotta love that diffused lighting.

lincoln-luxury-uncovered-13 lincoln-luxury-uncovered-15

On Sunday, we decided to really test out the luxuriousness of the Lincoln MKC by driving to Elk Island Park. It was exceptional on the highway; I can’t remember the last time I rode in something so smooth and quiet. The scenery was pretty easy on the eyes too!

lincoln-luxury-uncovered-14 lincoln-luxury-uncovered-16

Many thanks to Lincoln Motors and Pumpkin Pr for lending me this sweet whip for the weekend!

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