I am not one to turn down a road trip, especially if it means venturing to a place I’ve never been, and didn’t even know I wanted to go to. Earlier this month I took a trek north of Edmonton with Ford Canada to check out a few sights around Grand Prairie – an unlikely destination. What better time to start discovering obscure corners of our country than during our nations 150th birthday? Turns out there are quite a few notable stops (even a celebrated rest stop!) along the way. Have you ever wondered what Canada’s Best Restroom looks like? Keep scrolling for a treat you never knew you wanted…

ford-edge-2 canadas-best-restroom-3

With such subtle signage from the highway you might miss this gem in Whitecourt, Alberta. With such roadside luxury available, you really have no choice but to answer the call of nature and check out the Esso Super Station, winner of Canada’s Best Restoom Award in 2016. It’s worth popping by if only for the tile work. Side note: there’s a mad decent pizza place within the gas station too. This stop was a 10/10.

beaverlodge- rochfort-trestle-bridge-5 rochfort-trestle-bridge-6

While you’re gliding down highway 43 on cruise control (bless those divided highways!) make sure to slow down and appreciate the trestle bridge in Rochfort, Alberta. It’s one of the longest wood trestle bridges in North America spanning 736 m over the Paddle River and was built in 1914! It’s quite the sight to see and drive under. Of course we had to pull over and inspect it up close. inquiring minds want to know…


This tire was all sign and no sweet treats! Just empty promises and roadside kitsch here.


Standing at a mighty 15′ tall, the beaver statue in Beaverlodge, Alberta is easily one of the most Canadian tributes I have seen in this province. It was built in 2004 to celebrate the town’s 75th anniversary of their incorporation; they’re looking mighty fine for their age!

philip-currie-dino-museum-12 philip-currie-dino-museum-13 philip-currie-dino-museum-14

Drumheller may be well known for its magnificent dinosaur museum, but Wembley, Alberta has an equally impressive facility as well. The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum first opened its doors in 2015 and is home to both an astounding collection of bones but also a lab for the restoration of new specimens.


Just north east of Grand Prairie, Alberta is the Kleskun Hills Natural Area, home to the northernmost badlands as well as a wild prairie grasslands. We were treated to a variety of wildflowers I have never seen before in my life.


One cold (weather) vibe won’t stop this here boogie! We threw on some rubber boots and took the walking path around the ancient rock formations. The good news: mosquitoes can’t bite through anoraks.


A big thanks to Ford Canada for squiring us on this northern road trip!

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