Do you ever deeply crave deep fried everything? I can confidently raise my hand for that question. Fortunately, I don’t have to hustle all the way down south to get some southern inspired food and cocktails. Well, that’s half true. I do have to hustle across the river to the southside of Edmonton to dine at Have Mercy, but the commute is most definitely worth it.

A sunny summer day spent on their back patio is such a treat especially during Sark Week (their version of shark week on till July 30th). Indulge in some whisky soaked afternoons drinking Cutty Sark Whisky lemonade pitchers and cocktails while dining on my absolute favourite – fried green tomatoes.

So scroll below to bask in the neon glow of the western interiors of Have Mercy and get your drool on:

food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-2 food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-3 food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-4 food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-5 food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-6 food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-7

Whisky Lemonade made from freshly squeezed lemons and Cutty Sark Whisky. Basically the best patio drink to share with friends. Pair that with Have Mercy’s Chorizo Poutine with pickled peppers. Andddd to kick off the week, the Sark Week cocktail special comes complete with a little lemon shark floating around on an ice cube.

food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-8 food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-9

When it comes to whisky cocktails, the smokier, the better in my opinion. That’s probably why I am so in love with the Southern Smoke complete with a dehydrated orange. This was recommended by our server Justin who clearly has great taste in cocktails. Above are the Gull Valley Fried Green Tomatoes I mentioned earlier. They’re made with tomato andouille sausage gravy and they’re insanely good.

food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-12 food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-13 food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-14 food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-15 food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-16

We also indulged in the hound dogs – Have Mercy’s version of the corn dog and fried chick on a doughnut. Deeeelish.

food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-17 food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-18 food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-19 food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-20 food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-22

We finished off the meal with my favourite portion of dinner…. dessert! We shared a caramel pecan donut pudding with vanilla ice cream topped with bourbon syrup and fruit. But we didn’t stop there, we then polished off the best buttermilk lime pie of all time. It has a graham cracker crust which elevates any pie to next level status. SO GOOD.

food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-21 food-coma-have-mercy-sark-week-23

You can find Have Mercy at:

8232 Gateway Blvd.
Edmonton, AB
T6E 4B2
(780) 760-0203

Wednesday – Saturday
11:00am — 2:00am
Sunday – Tuesday 11:00am — 12:00am

Have Mercy – Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Website

thanks so much to Have Mercy for hosting us for this spectacular meal!

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