I started the year with touches of blue here and there. A navy velvet boot, a cerulean lipstick, and even debating getting a Nash Metropolitan in a baby blue paint. It was innocent enough, each choice of item in the same hue seemed pretty innocuous on their own until a larger picture started to build. The majority of things I own seem to be moving into a monochromatic direction. This is of course when I decided to dye my hair too. Why not go full Star Trek alien and see this whole thematic year through? It’s like I’ve channeled the essence of Picasso during his blue period… except it’s adornment specific.

So here’s my blue hair at its peak vibrancy paired with a very blue Canadian tuxedo; it just seemed to may perfect sense kind of like when you pair bananas and peanut butter. The jean jacket now has a bit of a dirt sheen denim wash to it as the summer has worn on and I have neglected to launder the poor thing – the inconvenience of removing the perfectly placed pin flare is enough reason to continue to put it off, in my opinion. The hair, unfortunately has faded into a hint of blue blonde. The ultimate bluende, in fact. I’ve also taken to wearing floral slips as blouses because what else are you supposed to do in the dry summer heat?


It always takes me a few months to get my pin placement on my jacket to a satisfactory point. It’s that combination of complimenting colours, odd numbers, and a mixture of shapes to create pin flare perfection. Once pin synergy is reached, removing them is a huge mistake. Aside from the giant gold ‘S’ which I picked up at Goodwill, all the other pins are c/o Valley Cruise Press.

blue-hair-canadian-tuxedo-5 blue-hair-canadian-tuxedo-6 blue-hair-canadian-tuxedo-7

OUTFIT | hat – vintage ESCADA | lipstick – c/o TOM FORD | hair dye – PULP RIOT hair by Patricia J at Weekly | jean jacket – VINTAGE – similar here | floral slip – VINTAGE | jeans – vintage LEVIS – similar here | belt – VINTAGE | heels – ALEXANDER WANG |

blue-hair-canadian-tuxedo-2 blue-hair-canadian-tuxedo-10

If I had to pick a soundtrack for this post it would be a Belle & Sebastian “The Blues Are Still Blue” mash up with Eiffel 65’s “I’m Blue” – something tells me that would be a horrible remix reminiscent of a Girl Talk track…. but at least it’s thematic.

photographs – Jesse Sand

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