Ever dreamed of visiting an oasis on the water…. but being in the middle of the bustling core of downtown Vancouver? I certainly have and with my most recent trip to the coast, I finally found it! the Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Pacific Rim is everything you could possible dream of when it comes to relaxation goals. Their deck overlooking the harbour is a place that one can lazily slip into a nap while the ocean sounds roll in like an audio track…. except they’re real! On a hot day, you are even able to enjoy the luxury of a sea breeze atop their stunning patio.

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Outdoor spaces aside, the spa itself is also an oasis of epic proportions. Our treatment room overlooked both the harbour and busy street below. While we were treated to an exceptional couples massage complete with aromatherapy of a lavender oil inhale to begin with, the hustle and buzz from the street below melted away.

There are few things in life as transportive as a massage – a good record, a decadent meal, or even a truly magical book can make that list. This definitely made the cut. Nearing the end, our feet were moisturized, bagged, and put in little booties for the ultimate re-moisturization. Vancouver is a walking city and each day we banked upwards of 20,000 steps, myself hoofing that in sandals. I was in dire need of some attention in that department.

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Post-massage we enjoyed a smoothie shot and a fruit kabob. Both incredibly refreshing and exactly what I needed after having been put into a pleasure coma from a deep massage. My jello body wrapped in a fluffy robe was able to make it to the outdoor patio but not before popping by the library lounge for some mixed nuts and prosecco.

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It is always advisable to drink copious amounts of water after having a massage as it helps your body to flush out the toxins that have been released during the treatment. After one glass of prosecco, to celebrate the wonderful afternoon, it was on to cucumber and lemon infused water. I love hydrating with a naturally infused water – it adds a bit of zip.

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Did I even mention how wonderful the change rooms were? They come complete with lockers with personalized lock codes, every toiletry you could possibly need to get ready, and gorgeous marble showers – one of which even had diffused natural light in it! I took my sweet time getting ready in there if only to soak in all the inspiration for my future bathroom goals.

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It wasn’t much trouble to drift off into an afternoon nap while cocooned in one of the outdoor cabanas. It seemed criminal not to relax fully and embrace the scene at hand. Of course there’s more to do than just sleep the afternoon away, one can also order a lovely lunch right to your private corner… or even take a dip in the hot tub which goes without saying is an absolute must.

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Bathing suit c/o Lululemon – Top – Uncharted Waters | High Waist Bottoms – Endless Horizons |

Obsessed with the flattering cut and quick drying material of this suit! It’s my go-to for all water related activities now.

fairmont-willowstream-spa-vancouver-29 fairmont-willowstream-spa-vancouver-30 fairmont-willowstream-spa-vancouver-31

If you’re ever in the Vancouver area I highly recommend heading over to the Fairmont Pacific Rim if only to enjoy the architecural splendor of the foyer and eat in their aesthetically pleasing Lobby Lounge. That hotel is next level stunning! And if you have the time, pop by the Willow Stream Spa for a real relaxation treat!

photographs – Jesse Sand / Sandy Karpetz

many thanks to the Willow Stream Spa for hosting us for the day!

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