When I went surfing for the first time, I spent a couple hours fighting waves, falling down, and having my face partially or fully submerged in water. By the end of the day, my surfing skills were medium at best but my skin, however, was glowing and cleaner than ever before. Not to mention my hair dried into the most perfect waves I have had to date. What sorcery in the sea had cleansed my face so brilliantly and left me with perfect tousled hair? Salt. Nature’s greatest cleanser and hair product is salt.

While I have a not so secret obsession with collecting different types of sea salt (black, Himalayan, rhubarb flavoured Icelandic salt, to my tried and true Maldon) for culinary adventures, since that day surfing, I have also incorporated it into my beauty routine in many different ways. It’s antiseptic and detoxifying, it’s also, conveniently, a natural preservative. It cleanses, it dries things out while simultaneously helps hold moisture in. It scrubs, it builds texture, it exfoliates, and it relaxes the body when dispersed into water – can you think of any other naturally occurring product that is so versatile? If you do, please share. In the meantime, I’ve compiled a list of a few favourite magnesium packed cosmetics that I cannot live without:



It’s apt to begin with this Lush product as it was my salty gateway drug. This scrub is an addiction in its own way. I love how effectively it soughs away dead skin; salt is an exceptional exfoliant. It also cleans out clogged pores too! When I’m in the shower, the first thing I do is wash my face and immediately apply Ocean Salt to my nose to work it’s magnesium magic for the next 15 minutes. Bye bye blackheads! Bonus: sometimes it drips down your face a little and you can taste the salty goodness. Thanks Lush for making non toxic products I don’t have to worry about ingesting by accident!

Ocean Salt Scrub – $21.95 – Lush Cosmetics



Bath salts are the easiest way to incorporate magnesium into your beauty routine. Dump them into your bath and voila, you have a mineral rich tub to soak in. This small batch company blends sea salt, epsom salt, and organic Wisconsin honey in their bath soaks, plus a secrets mixture of essential oils. Can confirm they smell like a dream! Not only does magnesium have the ability to bind water to skin (hello moisture!) it also has antimicrobial qualities too. Soaking in this mineral rich water cleans out your pores while also hydrating them.

Bad Moon Rising Bath Salts – $5.05 – Wild Honey Botanicals



The importance of a toner cannot be stressed enough. It is a vital part of my facial routine and I like to have a few different types on hand for a myriad of purposes – rose water, frankincense, and of course, sea salt. When you tone with a sea salt spray not only are you cleansing your pores but also helping rid of bacteria that could cause future breakouts. This specific spray is made from Vancouver Island salt water infused with essential oils.

Sea Witch Spray – $16.50 – The Witchery



How can we have a conversation about salt for beauty without mentioning the quest for the perfect beachy waves in your hair? It goes without saying, doesn’t it? How else are you going to get that volume and wave than with a salty spray with a blend of orange flower, neroli and rosewood. Apply when wet for a beachy wave that will make everyone think you’re a mermaid who is married to the sea or apply when dry to add some texture to limp hair.

Sea Spray – $16.95 – Lush Cosmetics