It’s Wednesday; it’s time for a drink. As the balmy summer weather continues to drift away with the biting autumn wind, it’s time to bundle up and drink something refreshing that reminds us of warmer days gone by. Enter: the Elderflower Gin Fizz, a twist on the average gin n soda classic. A little citrusy, a little floral, and a lot of nice.

I first enjoyed this tasty treat when I was living in London. It was my first Christmas away from home and I found solace when I wandered around Oxford Street admiring every holiday window display – Liberty of London’s in particular. While browsing the shoe hall in Liberty, eyeing the most decadent and out of my budget footwear, a shopping event was taking place. A server offered me a cocktail and I readily took it. Hello I’m living in a foreign country because I ran away from my problems, please give me a free drink.

The second I tasted this elixir, I imagined myself as an elderly spinster draped in furs talking about my youth; a perfect picture of Ms Havisham. I knew I had found my favourite drink. I chased down the server to find out what it was… elderflower! I had a vision of myself as an elderly flower, it was kismet.


I went to The Grocery, my local shop in Shoreditch to find this exquisite elderflower cordial and I discovered the Belvoir Fruit Farms, a company based in the Lincolnshire countryside – how British. They create the loveliest cordials, presses, and effervescent drinks. Every one has been a taste sensation and I am SO PLEASED they are launching in Canada! Fingers crossed we get a Whole Foods in Edmonton one day. #daretodream




  • Place mint leaves in glass with ice
  • Mix gin, cordial, and a squeeze of lime in a cocktail shaker with ice.
  • Double strain into glass over ice and mint leaves
  • Top with soda water
  • Take a sip and imagine yourself as a fur clad elderly lady with the most interesting stories

Optional: add a dash of curious Chloe cat for extra cuteness points

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