How often do I wear my hair up? Next to never. It has to be pretty toasty outside for that to happen. The lazy bun is a 25 degrees + type of hair style for me. Pair that up-do with an off the shoulder top and it’s as though you have air conditioning! Not quite, but I like to imagine that to be true. Dare to dream Sandy.

Aside from the blue madras dress I spoke about recently, this light blue striped crop from GUESS was another summer staple I wore repeatedly. It was breezy, super soft, and went with everything. I especially loved pairing it with my Acne Studios high waisted shorts. It’s also the perfect shade of washed out light blue which they managed to create by making the garment inside out – the other side is a darker blue. Maybe it’s the fashion school student coming out in me but I still find turning garments inside out to look at their inner-workings fascinating.


OUTFIT | Drelawien earrings – c/o ALDO | crop top – c/o GUESS | shorts – ACNE STUDIOS | Izabela heels – c/o ALDO

off-the-shoulder-5 off-the-shoulder-6 off-the-shoulder-7 off-the-shoulder-8

Unfortunately the days of the cropped top and the bare leg are quickly slipping away… I suppose I will have to embrace the next wave of seasonal favourites – giant vintage wool coats paired with scarves. Speaking of anticipating things, I even threw in a blooper shot just to get everyone pumped for my annual holiday gift to my readers – an outtake reel that reveals my true essence as a complete goof. Only three more months till that post is up and let me tell you, I’ve been hard at work pulling faces in many frames.

photographs – Jesse Sand

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