In southern Morocco there is a seaside fishing village worth detouring for. 20 km from Agadir sits Taghazout Bay, an up and coming resort town that is quickly being added to travel lists as a must-see while in Morocco; even VOGUE is recommending it! Fortunately, I had the inside scoop since my worldly and adventurous friend Emily was living just mere miles down the coast from this not so hidden gem. We took a ride over, but first we had to stop at the crown jewel of resorts in the area….

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Perched high on a hill overlooking the coast is Hyatt Place Taghazout Bay, an oasis in the sky. The ultramodern design of the hotel invites you in and then slaps you in the face revealing the most magnificent view from their pool. The best part? You don’t have to be a guest to enjoy the view or the pool – visit their amazing pool bar or pay an access fee to spend the afternoon sunbathing in one of their several outdoor pools. Or walk through the greenery to a cabana overlooking their golf course and the endless ocean views. I can’t think of a better way to unwind after a day or surfing or post-massage than stretched out on one of their luxurious deck chairs watching the sun slowly move across the sky.


One of the well known and loved dishes at the pool bar is the grilled squid and tomato tartare with argan oil. Since it’s a local favourite, I had to give it a whirl and I can confirm there’s a reason why it’s so well liked. It is exactly what you want to be eating pool side on a hot day; light but filling. Paired with a mint lemonade followed by some decadent mousse, this lunch was perfection.

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The Hyatt Place also has an exceptional spa, as if that comes as a surprise. The Asenfo Spa, which is Berber for relaxation, is known for their Replenishing Five Flowers facial which I had to try out. Never has my facial skin felt so awakened from a treatment. Their massage techniques along with the fragrant products they used made for a truly dreamy experience.

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Why just stop at a facial when you can also indulge in the signature Asenfo Spa massage? Which is precisely what I did. Every massage in Morocco begins with a wipe down of your feet with a hot face cloth. I never knew how incredible that could feel after I had spent days wandering around the village in less than sensible footwear. Read: flip flops. I had also been at the beach earlier that day and had a bit of residual sand on my legs – which only enhanced the treatment more! Sand is nature’s glitter, it is impossible to get rid of so it’s easier just to embrace it as the natural exfoliant it is.

taghazout-bay-Hyatt-place-19 taghazout-bay-Hyatt-place-20

Not only was the massage exceptional in itself, the sand added an element of exfoliation to the treatment, an addition I greatly appreciated. The best part about Moroccan massages? Unlike prude western treatments, in Morocco they know the importance of a chest and belly massage – so many vital organs and muscles that need attention are not avoided! I left the spa on a cloud and went straight back to the pool to catch another citrus coloured sunset.

Check out their full treatment list for the Asenfo Spa here.

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Taghazout Bay has it all. A cute surfing and fishing community, a world class spa, and the most spectacular views one could hope for on a Moroccan holiday. This was my first visit, but it certainly won’t be my last. I’m already scheming a way to return to this brilliantly beautiful and inspiring country.

Many thanks to the Taghazout Bay Hyatt Place for having us!

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