As the nighttime continues to get longer and the air a little lot colder, I have needed to adjust many things in my life: vitamin D3 intake and the amount of layers I have to wear, both on my body as well as my face. My main goals are removing any dry skin and keeping my face at maximum moisture level.

Living in Edmonton poses its own amount of environmental issues for my skin (so so dry, so so cold) I find that even when I lived in Toronto and England, the wintertime always required more effort on the epidermis front. Here is my current night moves winter skincare natural beauty routine, a nighttime ritual that has been saving my skin. I would also like to note that this is completely 100% natural beauty products too which is a bonus!



It all begins with cleansing. Recently, I have been really digging the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser ($32.00) – it doubles as an exfoliating mask when left on for 5-10 minutes! It is also high in antioxidant ingredients such as lycopene which comes from tomatoes. It has a very subtle smell and a little goes a long way. Confidently, I can say that this will be added to my top shelf repeat products.


Twice a week it’s also necessary to exfoliate with some grit. The dry winds can be harsh on skin and sometimes a cleanser will not remove all that needs to go. 2-3 times a week I will employ the use of Rocky Mountain Soap Co’s Vanilla Coconut Revitalizing Face Polish ($17.50). Adding it to any cleanser is an easy way to incorporate it into a facial routine. I’ve been adding it to the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser. The polish has Moroccan Lava Clay which brings me back to the epic hammam experiences from my Morocco trip last March.


For a quick shower face wash when running late, the Saje Konjac Care Green Tea Enriched Cleansing Sponge ($9.95) is perfect. It’s made of 100% natural vegetable fibre and is infused with green tea. I love vegetables and green tea so I naturally gravitated toward this immediately. It exfoliates in a gentle way once it’s saturated with water. It’s also very handy for when you’re traveling since it can be taken carry-on without using up precious liquid quota.

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There are a couple creams I oscillate between for maximum moisture. On most nights I will use Pura Botanicals Turmeric Night Cocoon ($62), a rebuilding night cream. It’s whipped texture feels rich and velvety when applying onto my skin. I also love that it’s turmeric based which has a host of benefits, so many that I may need to write a post dedicated to the magic of that spice.


I’ve fallen in love with Pura Botanicals Neroli Eye Ritual ($48). It’s so rich with essential oils and natural ingredients (lavender, rosehip, aloe) it moisturizes my delicate eye area skin without weighing it down. Its roller-ball applicator makes for an easy and gentle application in that sensitive area plus there’s zero waste from this product. Did I mention a little goes a long way? I’ve had this for a couple of months using it daily and less than a quarter of it is gone.

Fun fact: Neroli oil comes from the flowers on the Seville orange tree. It’s the most expensive citrus essential oil and has been used in beauty routines for centuries.


Also… all products by Pura Botanicals are made in Edmonton! I am always so impressed by the quality of work coming out of this city…. especially this skincare line!


Herbivore Botanicals is also another brand I have been impressed with over the years. I recall stalking their simple yet lovely packaging in their Etsy shop when they first began. All of a sudden they were in Vogue and now they’re internationally recognized. It is so nice seeing a natural indie beauty line reach such widespread success!

With that said, one of their newer launches, Herbivore Botanicals Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment ($78) is pretty phenomenal as well. It is comprised of fruit enzymes (Papaya, Lemon, Sugar Cane, Orange, Bilberry, Cranberry and Maple) that help exfoliate and resurface your skin; perfect for the wintertime. It also has kokum and shea butters to moisturize as well. The purpley colour comes from the inclusion of indigo root powder. I use this 2-3 times a week. It gives me a good excuse to give myself a facial massage as the product only really works when the cream is massaged into your skin. Looooove it.



Finally, I would have to say that Tea Tree oil is an all around skin saviour. It doesn’t exactly belong in moisturzing or cleansing categories. It would have to be in its own category for all around greatness. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil is great for minimizing blackheads, reducing redness, clearing up acne, and preventing ingrown hairs. Ultimately, this is a must have in the medicine cabinet and a staple for any beauty routine.


In conclusion, what would a beauty post be without a flatlay of all the products together? If this were on a shelf it would surely be my #topshelfie list of the moment. The only thing missing is my deepest love, Egyptian Magic, a cream my mom randomly bought me at Costco that I fell in love with and was never able to find in Edmonton again. It also falls under the all natural beauty category. Read about my love of Egyptian Magic in my Dried Out post. Are there any beauty products that get you through winter?

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