I will be the first to admit that I fall into routines of wearing the same thing day in and out. It’s not very inspiring or good for the soul. Even when I was in fashion school, I would sometimes wake up in my pjs and wear the shirt to class without even thinking twice. Perhaps I was just rebelling against all the students I felt were incredibly overdressed for learning. Irregardless, it is evident that dressing habits go in cycles which eventually form patterns. That is why this post exists. How can one dress up an otherwise plain-ish outfit by putting in minimal effort on a day-to-day basis? Here’s how to make an all black outfit pop:



A well designed hat has the ability to elevate any outfit especially when it garners so many compliments like this Bailey of Hollywood Bianco Renegade. It’s all about the small details around the crown of the hat. Decoration around the base of the crown of a hat are known as cockades. Essentially, I am turning into an extreme hat enthusiast.



A loud pair of earrings can add some interest to an otherwise simple outfit. Take for instance these silver ball danglers from Aldo. They are deceptively light so wearing them throughout the day isn’t a struggle. They are just the right of bold with a touch of tasteful.

style-frank-and-oak-womens-style-8 style-frank-and-oak-womens-style-9


A bright shoe is a great way to make an all black outfit pop. In fact, a bright accessory in general can do that whether it’s a hint of a zany sock peeking out at the ankles or a bold hued handbag. In other words, if you want your all black outfit to have a focal point. add a bright accessory. My choice this time around were the Vans Anaheim Factory Authentic sneakers in Autumn Glaze. They’re replicas of what the original sneaker looked like when they were first launched in the 60s.



Lipstick was on the one affordable luxury women indulged in during the war. It’s hard to even consider lipstick as a luxury these days since it’s so widely available at every price point. Because of that, it’s incredibly easy to add some boldness to a look with the addition of a lipstick. While mine had slightly worn off by the time these were taken, I was wearing one of my all time favourite shades: Tom Ford Lip Balm in Neotropic. It’s a subdued orange shade that goes on slightly transparent. I love it. It’s also clutch sized which is both a curse and blessing depending on the type of handbag it’s in.



Hat – Renegade Bianco Bailey of Hollywood
Earrings – Aldo Silver Drelawien
Sunglasses – Ray-Ban Tortoise Clubmasters
Lipstick – Tom Ford Neotropic
Jacket – Vintage
Top – Frank & Oak
Denim – Frank & Oak Debbie Jeans
Shoes – Vans Anaheim Factory Authentics

In short, those are some examples on how to make an all black outfit pop when you’re feeling uninspired by your wardrobe. It may just be the thing that pulls the flare for creative outfits out of the doldrums one brightly coloured shoe at a time. For more styling tips on an outfit similar to this, head over to My Three Autumn Style Tips.

photographs – Adventures in Fashion

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