I arrived in Vancouver with flurries that looked suspiciously like snow. Not an ideal start, but not a complete disaster either. I had flown in for a quick two day trip to explore the Sunshine Coast with Ford Canada and I wasn’t about to let some less than stellar weather dictate the tone of this jaunt. It was going to be marvelous. After a quick bite to eat at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport, I met my roadtrip partner, Tour Guide Teddy, and we were off in a new Ford Explorer using the GPS, indulging in the massage seats, and enjoying the scenery on the way to the ferry.


Our first stop post ferry ride was Smitty’s Oyster House in Gibsons, BC, home of the Beachcombers TV series from the late 70s early 90s. Well, not the oyster place specifically, but the area in general. There we were treated to some exquisite fresh oysters and an array of other delicious seafood. It is right on the harbour in an old boat engine repair shop and totally worth the trek. The view as well as the food were both top notch.

sunshine-coast-ford-canada-5 sunshine-coast-ford-canada-6 sunshine-coast-ford-canada-7

Our whip for the weekend – the new Ford Explorer


Down winding roads with cottages nestled in vibrant greenery and hints of ocean between the trees, we drove to Roberts Creek, another little pocket along the Sunshine Coast. We were treated to a yoga class beside the sea. Deep breathing in the ocean air took the poses to the next level and I adored the view.¬† But the treats didn’t end there… we walked up the road to The Gumboot Cafe. Their London Fog was delightful especially when paired with their peanut butter chocolate balls.

sunshine-coast-ford-canada-10 sunshine-coast-ford-canada-11

Checking into the Painted Boat Resort on Pender Harbour in Madeira Park was the perfect¬† way to conclude the day. The bed looked so inviting… four fluffy pillows waiting just for me! While wandering the spacious and lush property it became clear to me that every villa had a view of the water, every suite was the best suite. Did I mention there was a soaker jacuzzi tub too? I will definitely have to make a repeat trip just to explore their spa…

sunshine-coast-ford-canada-12 sunshine-coast-ford-canada-16

The incredible view from my suite at The Painted Boat Resort

sunshine-coast-ford-canada-13 sunshine-coast-ford-canada-20 sunshine-coast-ford-canada-17 sunshine-coast-ford-canada-21

Of course no travel post would be complete without me hamming it up in a completely outrageous piece of clothing that is in contrast to my surroundings. That’s just how I roll. Would you expect any less? it was a jam packed two days filled with food, new friends, and smooth driving Fords… I can’t decide which part was my favourite.

Many thanks to Ford Canada / TalkShop / Pumpkin PR for sending me on this adventure!

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