Dressing for fall has always been a challenge for me. I’m a mixed bag of contradictions. I refuse to wear socks until the snow falls; they are what I like to describe as foot prisons. But the second there’s that crispness in the air, all I want to do is hibernate and watch all of the Charlie Brown specials. A pastime that does not require socks I might add. There are a few tricks I have learned that help to ease me into the season that I would love to share with you!



While it can be considered a default for many people and perhaps a perceived “unimaginative” option, I find it to be utilitarian. With what sunlight is left, you can amplify its warmth by wearing darker colours. Thus you’re less likely to freeze should the wind pick up. I incorporated black in my outfit where I get cold first – head, feet, and torso. While the Call It Spring Aceliwiel fun fur heels aren’t particularly warm, they sure look good and that was a sacrifice I was willing to make. The vintage jacket that I found in a Salvation Army in Arizona is practical and a great cut. Side note: why is it that I am able to find the best vintage winter wool jackets in the desert? It seems counter intuitive. I am not complaining.



When you were younger, it is likely your mom told you to wear a hat when it was cold. I never wanted to when I was a child but as an adult I have become a champion for hats. Simply, they keep your head warm. Depending on the style you pick out, they can look pretty bad ass too like the Renegade Bianco Bailey of Hollywood hat I cannot stop wearing. It’s wide brim protects me from the elements including blocking haters 😉



Finding a pair of denim that fits properly is like finding a unicorn. When you do uncover the magic, you must buy a second pair in case the style becomes discontinued. I have finally found my Denim Unicorn. Frank and Oak’s Stevie High Waisted Tapered Jean has changed my life. In fact, all of the Frank and Oak denim seems to fit me length wise and I never have to deal with the weird bunching around my ankles which I despise in most pairs of jeans.

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