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Ever wonder what complete bliss feels like? I did until I finally made my first (and hopefully not last) trip to the Four Seasons Spa Toronto in Yorkville. It was an absolute delight in every way. When I first walked into the grand lobby, I was overwhelmed with the amount of fresh flowers. The vibrant array of orchids, roses, and what appeared to be hydrangeas, were a fragrant treat. The last time I enjoyed the lavish lobby was on my previous trip out east for Holt Renfrew’s All Together at Holt’s Campaign I was invited to be a part of. I posted a Toronto photodiary of the adventure too which mostly revolved around being in my luxurious suite at the Four Seasons in Yorkville. If you’ve seen the property before you can understand why. This time around, I was sampling the spa and it did not disappoint.

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Our morning at the Four Seasons Spa Toronto began with an incredible deep tissue massage. Whenever I’ve heard the term “deep tissue,” I assumed it wasn’t for me. I imagined that meant deep pain but it turns out it means deeply satisfying. That evening I fell asleep without the aid of melatonin, a next to impossible feat for me when I’m traveling; further evidence on the greatness of the massage! It began with the soles of my feet being kneaded with fists – a true blessing for someone who was taking 20,000 steps per day while exploring the city. After that, I swear I just blacked out in sheer bliss. Blended peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary oil helped to release tension throughout the massage. The best part was having my arms and legs stretched out while simultaneously deeply working the muscles.  Post-massage I felt as though I was floating through the halls.


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There were more than a few things that stood out for me when we began our relaxation journey at the Four Seasons Spa Toronto. Even taking the elevator up to the 9th floor felt luxurious. When entering the spa, the ambience was incredible with lighting that was uniquely both soft and welcoming. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful – I had no idea how to use the electronic lockers but a woman came to my rescue immediately. Once I realized how easy the lockers were to operate, they were such a treat! There was an extraordinary attention to detail throughout. Not only was it was impressive but also decadent right down to the rolled up facecloths on ice waiting at the door of the steam room! A few other things that I really appreciated (aside from the mind blowing massage which I’ll get into after) were:


To begin with, there was ample citrus infused water to keep hydrated throughout the day which is recommended to do after a massage. If citrus water isn’t your thing, no worries because there’s a massive selection of tea to be had as well! My favourite was the Lavender Earl Grey. It was the shot of caffeine I needed post morning massage. The shortbread cookies were a perfect side to my delicious tea as well.


Access to the palatial swimming pool area (complete with a giant jacuzzi hot tub and indoor/outdoor lounge seating) is arguably one of the best perks of visiting the Four Seasons Spa Toronto. Napping poolside on their luxe lounge chairs is the way I always would like to bliss out after a massage. Plus the lighting in there is stunning – whoever had the foresight to install those skylights is my personal hero.

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As a matter of fact, bathrobes are an every day luxury every one should be indulging in. When it comes to comfort, the Four Seasons Spa Toronto KNOWS what they’re doing. I swear my robe was made of angel wings because it was the softest thing I have ever felt. I enjoyed swanning around the pool deck with my fleecy dream robe.


Did you forget to bring your shampoo or realize last minute that you might need a little mouthwash after drinking 5 cups of lavender Earl Grey tea? No worries because the Four Seasons Spa Toronto has all the essentials waiting for you. Forget having to haul all your products with you to Yorkville, they are already there!


The spacious showers have an invigorating eucalyptus spray which you can spritz on the tiles during a steamy rinse off post steam room. It’s such a nice way to get refreshed after you’ve made your rounds to all the steamy amenities available.

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Overall, this was a truly exceptional experience thanks to the Four Seasons Spa Toronto. Suffice to say, I am very pleased I am able to attest to its greatness by firsthand knowledge. Now I will just have to count the days till I’m back in the city to try out another service and get back to doing what I do best – lounging hard by the poolside.😎
To find out more about their services, check out the Four Seasons Toronto Spa Menu.
Photographs – CC Ruth & Sandy Karpetz

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