Holiday Gift Ideas for a Host

It is highly likely that you’ll be invited to more than a few gatherings this holiday season. With the flood of invitations comes the tricky navigation of being a good guest. While I recently listened to an excellent podcast, Every Little Thing interviewing Emily Post’s great-great-granddaughter on how to be the ultimate guest, sometimes we need to step outside of the box when it comes to a host gift. Of course it’s always easy to default to a bottle of wine or an appetizer. However, it is high time we strive for a wow factor over the obvious. Why not give your host a gift they will be able to enjoy on their own time? A gift just for them. Here are a few holiday gift ideas for a host:


The holiday season is barely started but you’re helping them dive right into the new year with a gorgeous yet functional gift. The best way to plan days with the ultra functional and attractive Rifle Paper Appointment Calendar ($33). is the most attractive and functional calendar. It features the classic floral illustrations RPC is known for all on heavy weight of paper which you can then use the backside of at the end of the year (hello recycling!) The gift of organization is an underappreciated one.



Not all of us are lucky enough to have a fire place, so a good smelling woodsy candle is a great stand in. This Nest Fragrances Hearth Classic Candle ($50.80) is a great alternative. It smells like smoky wood and frankincense. We all know my stance on the miracles of that essential oil as evidenced in my post The Beauty of Frankincense. I digress. This candle will burn 50+ hours and make a home smell like a wintertime hearth. In addition, the glass it comes is stunning and can be used in many ways when you’re done burning the candle. A few repurposing ideas are: a pen holder, plant pot, or make up brush container. Who knew the 3 R’s of waste reduction could look so good!



What better way to help your host with their future parties than with a Google Home (on sale for $79 right now!)!? They have the ability to control the music on their Spotify, ask last minute food prep questions, and find out what’s on their calendar. with Google Assistant. What a treat that would be! It’s almost as if we’re living in the world the Jetson’s dreamed up! Next stop, food in pill form. 😉



During the holiday season shopping local can be a gift for multiple people: the local shop, the local designer, and the recipient. It helps stimulate the local economy when you support local shops – that’s a no-brainer. It’s a double whammy when you buy locally made goods from a local shop – there should be a shopping local bingo game.  A couple of my recent loves from Edmonton are General Concern’s hand rolled incense in Orange Bergamot ($12) and Concrete Cat’s Tyche incense holder ($50).



Yes it’s so easy to bring wine but how about taking it up to the next level? Why not bring a COCKTAIL CADDY! Now there’s a wonderful holiday gift idea for a host! A cocktail party in a convenient box! But what if that cocktail caddy was made by a distillery in Alberta too? I still consider that shopping locally. The Eau Claire Distillery Cocktail Caddy ($99.95)  includes their Christmas Gin that’s infused with frankincense and myrrh. Are you sensing an overarching trend? It even has two copper mugs perfect for a ginny cocktail by a fireplace (or a woodsy candle). Head on over to The Pretty Secrets Instagram today for a chance to win this caddy!

In conclusion. every holiday gift needs to be useful, reuseable, or have frankincense in it. Bonus points to the items that are all three. What are your tried and true holiday gift ideas for a host?

photographs – Sandy Joe Karpetz

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