How Fitset Changed My Life

Fitset is Edmonton’s first multi use fitness pass and a service I have been using the past three months. The CEO and co-founder, Tim Gourlay, a former professional volley ball player dreamed up Fitset after deciding that spending $400 a month on fitness memberships was outrageous. He was right and thank goodness for that! Now I’m able to enjoy a little bit of everything while only paying into one thing, talk about streamlining. My love for Fitset has become a river that continues to run deeper and deeper as I continue to discover the different ways it’s improving my quality of life. With that said, here is how Fitset changed my life:

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Try Something New

As you may know, I recently revealed what my 10 things to accomplish in 2018 are. One of which is continue to find new ways to stay active. Fitset has made this possible in so many ways. Firstly, there are a number of classes I have always wanted to try but didn’t want to commit to them. Since Fitset offers such a wide variety of different activities, it makes it way more manageable to see all my options in one place. This becomes even more significant when trying to make a fitness schedule for the week, but we’ll get into that a little bit later.

I finally made the plunge to try out hot yoga. For some reason I thought it would be too intense for me. Turns out I love it! But rather than going through the whole process of trying to do one drop in etc, I was able to add a class to my schedule and just show up. I also went to a Soar class for the first time. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a workout comprised of high intensity trampoline jumping. It should really be renamed Sore because that’s exactly what I felt many days following. I haven’t returned to that class but at least I gave it a try!

As they say, variety is the spice of life! The spice is exactly what I need when it comes to keeping me interested in and motivated  to stay active. That’s just one of the ways Fitset has changed my life!


One of my favourite studios for rowing & yoga is Hive Fit Co downtown.

Social Time

Including my partner and friends in my fitness journey is one of the most enjoyable parts about regularly scheduling Fitset classes. It’s a great way to both create a support network and keep each other accountable but also a great excuse to see people who are very busy. Every one wants to schedule in time to workout so this quickly turns into a win/win situation. Many people belong to different gyms or have regular spots they go to so having Fitset makes me a chameleon. I can go wherever and meet up with whomever. It has also brought my partner and I closer. Since we’re able to encourage each other to continue to go on those days when the couch is calling, we are motivating each other.

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A Consistent Routine

I cannot stress enough how Fitset changed my life by allowing me to create a flexible yet consistent workout schedule. Since I’m enjoying a variety of classes, I never get bored of my workouts. I have a schedule but it doesn’t feel like a dull routine. The best way to get engaged in something for an extended period of time is to keep it changing and challenging. I struggled with going to the gym alone because I never knew what to do, how long to do it for, or if I was even doing it right. That wasn’t a fulfilling or constructive way to spend my time at the gym. By consistently showing up to classes, I allot a certain amount of time and I give it my all while being told exactly what to do. I thrive under those circumstances and it’s beginning to pay off in many different ways.


Studio Life

I have discovered so many studios that I love thanks to Fitset. Each one has it’s own personality and an array of awesome instructors. I even have a few favourites to share. I currently have a trifecta of love for hot yoga, rowing, and HIIT classes. Those are my bread and butter. The must-have’s each week. Hot yoga to stretch and sweat it out. HIIT to make me werk and hurt. And rowing for some cardio and toning. The three studios that I continue to go back to are:

  • Moksha South Edmonton – for hot yoga
  • Blitz Conditioning – for Bridgette’s class and for the cute dog always chilling in the foyer
  • Hive Fit Co – for Jezelle’s Friday evening row class

Ease of Use

When something is so easy to use like Fitset, it makes the experience a positive one. Their site is straight forward and simple to navigate. After logging in, there are two ways to filter classes: type of workout or by studio. Then, all available classes for the whole week can be scrolled through and selected. The personalized schedule of all the upcoming workouts registered for are at the top (see above). Then show up to the studio, say you’re with Fitset and you’re in! Opting out of a class is seamless. Most studios allow cancellations up to 2 hours before the class. A drop in gym cancelation can be made any time that day. If that’s not amazing enough, Fitset operates on a month-to-month basis. There is no locked contract. Considering how many times I go away on extended trips, this is a feature I adore.

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How Fitset Changed My Life

Aside from all of those great life changing things, there has also been a wonderful side effect of using Fitset. I am actually getting back into shape! It’s definitely something to celebrate but more importantly, it’s made such a difference in my mental health. I have been successfully reducing the negative effects of the chronic stress from my job and life.

Does this sound like something that might enhance your fitness life? Why not give it a try! Fitset offers a free week trial to see if it’s a good fit for you. Or use the code “ThePrettySecrets20” to receive $20 off your first month’s pass. Are you already a member? I would love to hear about your experience! What are your favourite studios and classes?

photographs – Jesse Sand & Sandy Karpetz

Thanks so much to Fitset for letting me try out their service and learn first hand about their amazing locally run company!

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