GET READY WITH ME – New in Beauty – My June Favourites

The moment when you realize one of the palettes you just opened for the first time and fell in love with is DISCONTINUED!?! Yeah, that’s what happened when I was linking products and found out Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky palette is not longer with us…. much like Geoffrey the giraffe from Toy’R’Us (RIP x 2). With that said, get ready with me while I do my every day make up using new-in products and one discontinued favourite (RIP Urban Decay Smoky palette). So here it is: GET READY WITH ME – New in Beauty – My June Favourites. Won’t you join me?

Be sure to check out My Morning Skincare Routine to see what I do before applying buttloads of make up! JK my make up is very conservative. If you enjoy my videos, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. K thx bye 🙂

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