Full Face of Drugstore Makeup 

The lore of good drugstore makeup has been information I have slowly pieced together over the years. I’ve taken product recommendations by word of mouth. My countless attempts at duping higher end items for less over the years. It has been an epic trial and error that comes with many wins but also colossal missteps. Today, I have decided to share one of my testing sessions on new to me drugstore makeup in a beauty tutorial: Full Face of Drugstore Makeup. Join me while I find a few new favourites and duds I wouldn’t bother using again. 


I first decided to create this video when I received the L’Oreal Paradise Enchanted Collection. I was a little bit hesitant. The eyeshadow palette and blushes are all peach scented. Though I’m not completely sold on the smell, I did find the eyeshadow from the Paradise Enchanted palette to be very blendable and easy to work with. The palette is by no means ground breaking, but it definitely has a place amongst the workable everyday nudey browns palettes. I especially liked how it worked with the Lise Watier Metamorphix – one of my favourite products to make any powder eyeshadow into a cream/liquid. 


I was absolutely blown away by the quality of drugstore eyeliners these days. It came as such a surprise to me, I’m embarrassed to say. The Super Slim liquid liner especially has the perfect tip for making a precise cateye. There is even a grip that helps with the application. 

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Full Face of Drugstore Makeup

Revisiting the some of the brands that I began my makeup journey with has been both parts nostalgic and fun. There are so many more options available than there was when I was a teenager, it is staggering. With such an abundance of choice I can see how going to the drugstore to pick out something as simple as eyeliner could become overwhelming. I’m so grateful for communities on YouTube that have helped make me a more informed consumer as well as entertained me for hours and hoursssss. If you enjoyed this video and post, head on over and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more posts like this Full Face of Drugstore Makeup.