A Thrifted Stampede Outfit

A summer staple is going to a Stampede… or at least dressing like you’re attending one. A thrifted stampede outfit is the best way to go. Regardless of the situation, I always think a thrifted outfit is the best option. That shouldn’t be a surprise around here. Did I wear a tablecloth as a skirt? It’s very possible. Would I do it again? Of course. Anyway, keep scrolling for this 90% vintage / 10% new outfit. But Sandy, which part is the 10%!? Just guess.



VINTAGE  denim ish cowboy hat 
RAY BAN aviator sunglasses – c/o Shopbop (the 10% not thrifted item 😉 )
THRIFTED jacket striped tie top
THRIFTED tablecloth
VINTAGE western boots inherited from my mom!

A Thrifted Stampede Outfit

Let this be a lesson that anything can be clothing if you really put your mind to it. Shirts can be worn backwards, tablecloths can be skirts! There is no limit to what the imagination can create. A truly spectacular look is just a thrift store away! This goes for a thrifted stampede outfit or for any other occasion really. 

photographs – Jesse Sand

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