The Goop G.Tox Body Detox

The Goop G.Tox Body Detox

The Goop G.Tox Detox

I have had medium success on traditionally detoxes. When they start affecting my everyday life is around the time I decide to quit. The last time was in 2010 when I was 6 days deep into the Wild Rose Cleanse when I realized it wasn’t for me. With that said, I’m more than happy to experiment with other types of body cleanses, that of which are akin to spa treatments. The Goop G.Tox Detox is that exception I can get behind.

5 Salt Bath Soak

Do you know what’s better than a single salt bath soak? Naturally, a 5 Salt Bath Soak with glacial marine clay and activated charcoal, that’s what! A long, hot soak with some Pharmaceutical-grade salts is a great addition to any wintertime skincare routine. The salt soak contains: Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt, Dead Sea salt, New Zealand solar salt, and Baking soda. With the mixture of Coriander, Cardamom, Grapefruit, Helichrysum, Rosemary, Peppermint, and Fennel essential oils, this soak is incredibly fresh smelling. The texture reminds me of brown sugar. It dissolves quickly in the bath which is a plus since I hate stepping into a bath with jagged salt lingering in the depths. One bag is good for three luxurious baths.


Between the the Ultimate Dry Brush and the 5 Salt Detox Body Scrub, I will have the smoothest skin all winter long. If you’ve never had the pleasure of using a dry brush, let 2019 be the year it becomes a habit. It’s a transformative step in a body care routine and I stand by it. Not only does it help to lightly exfoliate your skin before you shower, it also stimulates circulations and lymphatic drainage. It doesn’t sound like much of an added benefit but I assure you it is. When I use the Ultimate Dry Brush all over prior to a shower, I only use the 5 Salt Detox Body Scrub sparingly on my issue spots. (back of arms, thighs, etc). The 5 salts are combined with oil so they hydrate skin as they’re exfoliating which is a huge plus.

So Fresh, So Clean

A bathing routine wouldn’t be complete without a body wash and of course Goop goes not disappoint on that front either. The Glacial Marine Body Cleanser is a creamy body wash that leaves me feeling cleansed and nourished. I no longer have to suffer through that tight feeling my skin gets after using regular soap. With a blend of helichrysum, rosemary, grapefruit, and peppermint oils, not only does it work like a dream but also smells like one too.

Scalp Saver

I saved the best for last. This is the hero product from the Goop G.Tox Body Detox line in my opinion. I am a long time sufferer of a dry scalp in the wintertime. And the winter happens to last for an irritatingly long time where I’m from. Often, I describe Alberta as Hoth-like. I digress. Normally when I cleanse my hair, it’s a two step process. First a scalp scrub and rinse followed by an additional cleansing with shampoo and another rinse. Thanks to the G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub, I only have to wash my hair once. It exfoliates my scalp and then begins to foam when I start massaging it in my hair under the water. Of course it smells like an essential oil blend of magic which includes: rosemary, geranium, orange, and peppermint. It is a potent salt mix so using it once a week is maximum!

The Goop G.Tox Body Detox

Thanks so much for joining me on this bathing journey with the Goop G.Tox Body Detox! So far, my experience with the Goop beauty line has been immensely positive. I’m currently testing out the Goop Enriching Facial Oil which I will be reviewing in the near future. So far, I can report that it smells INCREDIBLE. More on that later! 😁

Photographs – Sandy Joe Karpetz

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One Weekend in Iceland

One Weekend in Iceland


One Weekend in Iceland

After spending two weeks between a very sunny Morocco and a cozy springtime London, it was quite a change to land in Iceland. It was exactly the type of weather I’m accustomed to in March – cold and windy. With that said, the coldness is part of the beauty of spring in Iceland. It makes the process of going from the door and straight into the Blue Lagoon hot springs that much more satisfying. Layering clothes is just a part of the one weekend in Iceland experience I had. So keep scrolling for the things I enjoyed doing in Iceland.

one-weekend-in-iceland-5 one-weekend-in-iceland-6 one-weekend-in-iceland-7 one-weekend-in-iceland-8

Dessert First!

My first stop will always be for sweets. I have an insatiable appetite that I try to keep under control until I’m on vacation. Then, I will let the sugar rush take me. Iceland was no exception. Upon my arrival I made the short walk from Reykjavik Residence Suites to 17 Sortir. I enjoyed a cupcake and a quick snap of my shoes on their amazing tile work. I can confirm that a pair of vans and white cotton socks are NOT enough warmth for the month of March in Iceland. Pack according to anyone but me because I would rather freeze than carry too much excess clothing, apparently.

one-weekend-in-iceland-11 one-weekend-in-iceland-12 one-weekend-in-iceland-13

Hotdog Heaven

When I went to Iceland, I still ate meat. I do not anymore. With that said, I did have a few hotdogs while I was there. I went to Pylsuhúsið which I recall being very good. Iceland is, after all, know for their hotdogs! However, I feel slightly strange talking about eating meat when I no longer do. This paragraph will have to suffice until I return to Iceland and can update on what vegetarian options are available there. Trust me, I will! So this section is to be continued. 🙂

one-weekend-in-iceland-16 one-weekend-in-iceland-17
one-weekend-in-iceland-20 one-weekend-in-iceland-21

More Sweets But Also: Bread

What did else did I eat in Iceland? Aside from the amazing breakfast basket I had waiting for me every day in my hotel, I made sure to enjoy candy and bread. Lots of bread. The Sandholt Bakery was nearby and quite frankly, some of the best bread I’ve ever had. That’s unsurprising as it’s the oldest bakery in Iceland so it’s had a few years to perfect its product. Their use of the word “artisan” is not flippant, its an earned accolade. They have a little restaurant attached to the bakery that is definitely worth popping into.

Vínberið is the ultimate stop for the sweet lover. They stock every fathomable chocolate or sugar delight one might want. They are novelty hamburger gummies and chocolate from omNom, an Icelandic brand I still dream about nearly two years later. If the amazing packaging design isn’t enough to get excited about, the quality of chocolate should be!

one-weekend-in-iceland-23 one-weekend-in-iceland-24

Blue Lagoon (of course)

One weekend in Iceland wouldn’t be complete without making the trek to the Blue Lagoon. While it’s a very touristy destination, it’s easy to get to during a quick stay. It’s located outside of town but easily accessible by bus via FlyBus / Reykjavik Excursions. Had I more time, I would’ve rented a vehicle to experience natural hot springs in the surrounding areas. However, that wasn’t the case this time. Booking ahead is recommended as the more popular times fill up fast. I went with the Premium ticket as I wanted access to a robe. It was, after all, March in Iceland and rather cold to be walking around in a bikini. With that package, I also had the pleasure of trying two different mud masks (how fancy!) It was quite busy but I enjoyed wandering around in the iconic blue water feeling the mud squish between my toes.


I would like to note that I was wandering around the lagoon alone with my cellphone in a ziploc bag streaming one of my favourite CJSR shows Big A little a. The things you do when you travel alone. 😉


One Weekend In Iceland

Thanks so much for scrolling along on my short adventure to Iceland! I spent the majority of my trip walking around without a plan and it served me well. I love stumbling across little shops and restaurants. Taking chances on the unknown is just one of the ways I open up to new places. As an anxious person, it’s a great exercise in letting go.

If you like to see more travel content, check out my On The Road section. To watch travel videos, head on over to the Sandy Joe Karpetz YouTube channel (and subscribe if you fancy it). It’s a new project for me so I’m learning as I go along and would love to hear any feedback or suggestions on things you’re interested in seeing!

photographs – Sandy Joe Karpetz

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I Lived in a Haunted House | Fort Edmonton Park’s Firkins House

I Lived in a Haunted House | Fort Edmonton Park’s Firkins House

I Lived in a Haunted House | Fort Edmonton Park’s Firkins House

Halloween is a great time to bring up this little known fact about myself. I lived in a haunted house – The Fort Edmonton Park’s Firkins House to be specific. I loved to periodically pop by and visit it, sometimes I even document it in a style editorial. How did I live in a house that is located in a city park? Well, first of all, my family donated it in 1992 and it was carefully moved from the neighbourhood of Belgravia down to the nearby park.

Just a little baby Sandy watching her house getting plucked up and moved away.

The Stories

Our house has been featured in several publications and tv special. We have yet to be consulted for any of these features so my sister (founder of The Witchery) and I decided to take things into our own hands and tell our stories. First hand. From the people they actually happened to (us). I’ve made a YouTube video chronicling the most interesting tales from the Firkins House while we resided there in the company of a ghostly presence! My mom was so kind enough to surprise drop by that day and give us more details about the house we grew up in.

I Lived in a Haunted House

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my little piece of history in this house’s existence. If you enjoyed what you read and watched, please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more upcoming videos 🙂 . I would love to know if any of my readers have had any ghostly encounters? If so, please share your experiences in the comments below! I love a good spooky story to keep me up at night! 👻

Photographs – Sandy Joe Karpetz / Audrey Karpetz

Many thanks to Fort Edmonton Park for having me over to revisit my childhood home! 

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It’s The Great Pumpkin Sandy Joe!

It’s The Great Pumpkin Sandy Joe!

It’s The Great Pumpkin Sandy Joe! | Smoky Lake Pumpkin Fair

Fall is upon us and with that comes one of my favourite annual spectacles: the Smoky Lake Pumpkin Fair! This was my third year attending and it did not disappoint. It was the 30th anniversary and boasted the heaviest pumpkin in the history of the festival! The pumpkin weighed in at a whopping 1884 lbs!!! But without further adieu, I present: It’s The Great Pumpkin Sandy Joe! Tune into the video above to get a vlog of the whole experience… right down to the infamous pumpkin drop!

A Real Sincere Pumpkin Patch

If this highlight reel didn’t sate the appetite for pumpkin related content, I suggest heading over to my Smoky Lake Pumpkin Festival post. There you can watch a few short clips of the infamous pumpkin drop, see some pumpkin spiced baked goods, and see me blending in with my camo wear. 🙂

It’s The Great Pumpkin Sandy Joe!

Thanks so much for joining me on yet another random road trip! It’s more than likely that I will be attending this fair next year – rain or shine, I’ll be there. In the meantime, if quirky road trips are an interest, check out my post and video about 5 weird places to visit in Arizona. Or my lengthy backlog list of travel articles I have been compiling over the years. As always, if you enjoyed this video and want to see me on the regular, subscribe to my YouTube channel – I appreciate each and every sub as I grow this new corner of my offbeat empire.

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I Wore One Dress All Summer Long

I Wore One Dress All Summer Long

I Wore One Dress All Summer Long

Let me tell you about a story about a dress I found while thrifting. Every so often, I will head out to the suburbs to check out what’s what in the thrift. On a whole, the best finds I’ve come across are from thrift stores off the beaten path. And by beaten path, I mean nestled deep in the suburbs only accessible by car. This dress was no exception as it seemed like a random overpriced thrift find at first. It is after all, just a GAP dress. The price was $19.99 which to me, makes me wonder if thrift stores think they’re discount outlets and not shops full of used goods they received for free. My side eye to pricey thrifting aside, I decided to take the plunge and purchase it. Little did I know that this would result in the following: I Wore One Dress All Summer Long.


BAILEY’S OF HOLLYWOOD Renegade Hat – c/o
RAY BAN Clubmaster Sunglasses
VINTAGE GAP thrifted dress – available at Thred Up  
VINTAGE straw bag – thrifted (similar here)
VANS sk8-hi shoes – c/o

The Accessories

A juicebox is the perfect summer accessory. I’m only half kidding when I say that. It’s the perfect size to fit in a thrifted woven purse, it quenches my thirst, and there’s something very juvenile/charming about it. Kiju is my go-to for juices in petite and regular sized portions. I use the apple juice to fill out my green drink concoctions I make every morning. In addition to a juicebox, the next best thing in the accessory department is a trusty pair of sunglasses. Over the years I have grown my Ray-Ban collection from one oversized pair of Wayfarers to a full family. These silver Clubmasters were last year’s new member.

One Dress To Rule Them All

Yeah that’s right, I threw a little JRR Tolkien in there. I didn’t have a full on “mY pReCiOuS” moment when I found this dress. However, it did become a large part of the landscape of my summertime memories. And it’s usage has bled into fall with the addition of tights. A good solid dress should be able to transcend the seasons with little tweaks. If you want to see this dope dress in action, I suggest checking out my Summer Vacation YouTube video. And if you’re digging what you’re watching, perhaps even Subscribe to my channel! xoxox

photographs – Jesse Sand

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Oh hey there! Were you wondering How I Spent My Summer Vacation? Look no further than this quick little video of an accurate summation of my summer. There was a healthy dose of cold ramen from Tokiwa, my favourite place to get ramen in Edmonton. In fact, the only place I will ever go for ramen in Edmonton. There was ice cream, canola fields, the farmer’s market, and more! Even an opening of the new Aga Khan pavilion at the Devonian Botanical Gardens. There is no shortage of random outings (I even went to the waste management facility) in this summer highlight reel. I intended this to be a monthly vlog but it turned out that an entire summer fit into one. So there’s that. Anyway, keep scrolling to watch the video. 🙂

And All The Other Things I Did

I suppose it wouldn’t be fair to say this is *all* I did this summer. I also ran a 10K race with Lululemon. I went to the Stampede with GMC Canada, and camped in Kananaskis. I also went to Road Tripping to Gabriola Island where I unplugged for two whole glorious weeks. A vlog from that is yet to come! If you enjoy my videos, be sure to head on over to my YouTube channel to subscribe to be alerted when these videos are hot off the press 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by.

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