STYLE | Housecoat in the Desert

STYLE | Housecoat in the Desert

housecoat in the desert 1

Housecoat in the Desert

The desert heat is known to make a person go crazy. The listlessness of a quiet desert sunset is enough to make me restless. Once its gone down, then what? The anticipation of the setting sun’s blazing colours is followed by the stillness of dusk. The restlessness that supersedes all the possibility of magic hour. The whirlwind of emotions reminds me of the frantic tones and mood of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. A book I’ve never read and a film that has made me question the likeability of drugs. Wearing a housecoat in the desert creates the mood of a pill popping housewife who’s wandered off in her bathrobe. A classic trope. This is a style editorial where Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas meets Valley of the Dolls. If you haven’t seen either, add them to your list and then continue scrolling.

housecoat in the desert 2
housecoat in the desert 3
housecoat in the desert 4 housecoat in the desert 5
housecoat in the desert 6
housecoat in the desert 7


RAY-BAN aviators – c/o Shopbop
TOM FORD roberto lipstick – c/o
VINTAGE housecoat – thrifted
ADORE ME olena bathing suit top – c/o
BIJOUX INDISCRETS maze x-harness – c/o
VINTAGE satin shorts – thrifted
ALDO cowboy ankle boots – c/o (similar here & here)

housecoat in the desert 8- housecoat in the desert 9
housecoat in the desert 11
housecoat in the desert 12
housecoat in the desert 13 housecoat in the desert 14
housecoat in the desert 15
housecoat in the desert 16

Technicolor Dream World

If you don’t have a technicolor dream coat at your disposal, simply alter your photos to look otherworldly. I had this dream of looking like one of the aliens from Star Trek. It would be a perfect fit with the space themed playground we found on our travels. I simply added a green hue to photos to make it so. The colour explosion only enhanced the illusion of an acid trip gone wrong. As I continue to look at vibrant hued photographs, the more I want to indulge this colour crazed side of myself. This is one housecoat in the desert vibe I want to take with me wherever I go.

photographs – Jesse Sand

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STYLE | The Casa Grande Domes

STYLE | The Casa Grande Domes


The Casa Grande Domes

Sometimes the universe conspires in positive ways. Like when my parents decided to stop at a garage sale that just happened to have the most fabulous coat ever. A coat that is unfitting for the desert climate. A coat that is just so perfect for a person like me: obsessed with the 60s, interested in cults, and a natural born peacock. Add this cult leader coat to the mystery that is the Casa Grande Domes. That is what I like to call the ultimate Pretty Secrets style editorial. My essence distilled to its most potent point. I liken it to the magic I felt when we shot Dressed in Black, another desert editorial I still love. So keep scrolling to find out more about The Casa Grande Domes and get more deets on my outfit.


So Like, What Are The Casa Grande Domes?

The Casa Grande Domes have an interesting history. They were built in the early 80s as a computer manufacturing facility which never came to fruition. The acoustics within each cluster of domes sound so cacophonous it’s hard to imagine anyone manufacturing anything in there without going deaf. After that, it’s said that the next residents were local occult and witchcraft enthusiasts who used to the domes for satanic worship and rituals. From the many articles I have read about the Casa Grande Domes, there have been warnings about “the tunnels.” The majority have been filled in with the collapse of the eastern dome. Calling it a tunnel is a generous word. A more accurate word would be trough. The Domes are slated for demolition as per the order of city of Casa Grande.

the-casa-grande-domes-5 the-casa-grande-domes-6 the-casa-grande-domes-7

A Coat Fit For A Cult Leader

“I will start a fashion cult” was my first thought when I saw this coat in a text message from my mom as I frantically texted her back. My text read: “akjsfbdfjgbdkfjg BUY ITTTTT!!!!” This is everything I want in a coat. It’s made of a carpet like material. A carpet coat for Sandy Karpetz. The universe wants it to be! It has a pattern that is reminiscent of a velvet black light poster. These are the things in common with all of my favourite pieces of clothing.

the-casa-grande-domes-10 the-casa-grande-domes-11 the-casa-grande-domes-12 the-casa-grande-domes-16


BAILEY’S OF HOLLYWOOD Renegade Hat – c/o
RAY-BAN aviators – c/o Shopbop
WASTED EFFORT copacabana earrings – c/o
TOM FORD roberto lipstick – c/o
VINTAGE carpet coat– c/o My Parents
H&M black t-shirt dress – c/o
ALDO cowboy ankle boots – c/o (similar here & here)

the-casa-grande-domes-13 the-casa-grande-domes-17 the-casa-grande-domes-18 the-casa-grande-domes-19

The Casa Grande Domes

Despite the eeriness of the Casa Grande Domes, I will be sad to see them go. I wish someone would record an album in them. The acoustics are so strange and extra echoey. Calling all psych and chill wavey musicians: head to the desert fast! Would you ever go visit them?

photographs – Jesse Sand / Sandy Joe Karpetz

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STYLE | Pink Satin at the Pima Air Museum

STYLE | Pink Satin at the Pima Air Museum


Pink Satin at the Pima Air Museum

While in the desert, it felt natural to go visit a giant compound of retired planes. The majority were, not surprisingly, retired killing machines. Our tour guide made no effort to describe any of the foreign air crafts throughout the hour long tour which I found hilarious. The patriotism in the US is unmistakeable. The Pima Air & Space Museum is definitely worth a visit none the less but maybe just opt out of guided tour and just take a wander around. We were a little strapped for time, but I did manage to stand in front of a massive art piece plane. Another highlight for any true crime enthusiasts was the helicopter that was used to help clean up the Jonestown Massacre. Now there’s a creepy cult! Anyway, my outfit of pink satin at the Pima Air Museum awaits you!

air-museum-arizona-2 air-museum-arizona-3 air-museum-arizona-4 air-museum-arizona-5


BAILEY’S OF HOLLYWOOD Renegade Hat – c/o
RAY-BAN aviators – c/o Shopbop
BETTY & VERONICA satin bomber jacket – c/o
FRANK & OAK striped shirt – c/o
THRIFTED satin shorts
VANS sk8-hi shoes – c/o

air-museum-arizona-9 air-museum-arizona-8

The Perfect Corner of Aviation

There were many impressive aircrafts at the museum but I naturally gravitated towards the ones that had been painted. It was like a magnet. Forget the Super Gubby, the Convair T-29B Flying Classroom, or even the sky scooter. I was only in it for the true boneyard planes. The ones so inconsequential that they don’t even bother trying to seal off the windows. That’s where I want to be. In the derelict section where only an artist can elevate a jumbo tin can into a thing of beauty.


Pink Satin Bomber Life

I love a good satin bomber moment as you may have noticed from this particular post. I even styled it with the same pair of shoes. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit. Had I brought my pink Vans Sk8-hi’s, this outfit would have been next level. Isn’t that how it goes when you’re on vacation and only packed a carry-on! At least I can pretend I’m on the Riverdale Tennis Team. There’s always a silver lining.

photographs – Jesse Sand

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STYLE | A Bold Coat at the Butterdome

STYLE | A Bold Coat at the Butterdome


A Bold Coat at the Butterdome

Another winter look with the jacket I cannot stop wearing. Every year it’s the same thing. I dread the snow, I accept the snow, and then I loathe the snow when it won’t eff off. I have lived places where the crocuses would be blooming right now. Alas, I cannot get on that train of thought or else madness will ensue. Instead of resenting the weather, I’m going to stand near buildings that are the colour of warmer seasons. So I bring you a bold coat at the Butterdome. Can you believe there’s a building that not only has all the characteristics of a brick of butter but it goes by the name Butterdome? It’s just like a character in Blues Clues. Speaking of which, I’ve begun to name all my possessions literally. Legit typing on my new laptop whose name is Mr. Computer. I digress. Keep scrolling for style.


The Higher the Platform, the Further From Snow

I never claimed to wear reasonable footwear. I reserve those types of shoes for running errands and the like. In the winter, you either need a sturdy snowboot that will block the -30 windchill or a platform that will allow you to rise above. Now you may be thinking “Seriously? Those are the options?” Well guess what, there’s a third option: move away. Now there’s a hot idea! Then I will never have to write at length about dressing for cold weather a la last week’s style post: 3 Ways to Dress for Outdoor Adventures (With Style).

bold-coat-at-the-butterdome-1 bold-coat-at-the-butterdome-5 bold-coat-at-the-butterdome-6


SPRING Dwaurien Backpack SPRING – c/o | SPRING Polosko Black Boots – c/o | ADORE ME bodysuit – c/o | FRANK & OAK denim | LONDON FOG Coat – vintage |


A Body-Ody-Ody-Ody Suit for Warmth

What I lack in clothing around my midsection (refer to mesh body suit) I make up for in other sensible ways. A hat. A long cobalt wool duster. You know, just the essentials. Perhaps I should take a lesson from myself and actually layer up. Where would the fun be in that? If I’m going to freeze, I might as well do it in a ice cold blaze of glory. Maybe my rose gold tinted hair will keep me warm?


A Bold Coat at the Butterdome

It’s worth noting that I also made the blog post title incredibly literal. This fact just came to me as I was reviewing the post. It appears that I am currently going through a phase of calling it like it is. It is unclear if this bodes well for me or not. I suppose time will tell. However, in the meantime since I’m on such a roll, I might as well truly lean into it. This jacket will be known as Blue Coat from now on. 🙂

photographs – Jesse Sand

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STYLE | 3 Ways To Dress for Outdoor Adventures (With Style)

STYLE | 3 Ways To Dress for Outdoor Adventures (With Style)


3 Ways To Dress for Outdoor Adventures (With Style)

Winter is not a season that is known for its cute clothing. We have romanced the hell out of spring, summer, and fall but winter still remains a burden. But it doesn’t have to! At least not when it comes to outdoor adventure. Having spent a decent amount of time outdoors surrounded by heaps of snow, I am knowledgeable when it comes to what’s warm. My style choices, however, are subjective so take them with a grain of salt. With that in mind, here are 3 ways to dress for outdoor adventures (with style)!


All Black with Fun Accessories

Sometimes all black is the answer. In fact, I would argue that MOST times all black is the answer. It’s just so convenient. My version of all-black-everything always involves a kitsch factor. Whether it be a bold accessory (such as my alpaca afro) or a little pop of colour (rose tinted sunglasses) something needs to make a statement.

OUTFIT | LULULEMON Jacket + Pants – c/o| SOREL Joan of Arctic Boots – c/o | Gabriola Alpaca Farm Hat | ALDO Qilalla sunglasses – c/o | Turtleneck – unknown | CANADA GOOSE Leather Mitts – c/o |

winter-style-3-ways-4 winter-style-3-ways-7 winter-style-3-ways-8

So Many Layers

As it is no surprise when I say it can get very chilly during winter. One of the best ways to battle this is with layers! So so so very many layers! This tactic for dressing can work well with wild colours, all black, and muted earth tones. I always begin with a base layer of either Lululemon insulating running leggings and a top or one of Burton’s many options for base layers. Both companies know how to make thin insulating layers for wearing under clothes. Then I add a denim and an oversized sweater for good measure. The rest is really up to personal taste. This is the most important of the 3 ways to dress for outdoor adventures (with style) in my opinion.

OUTFIT |  BURTON Shenandoah Beanie – c/o  | THRIFTED sweater | BURTON Bixby Long Down Jacket – c/o (also comes in true black) | FRANK & OAK Stevie High Waisted Denim – c/o | SOREL Cozy Carnival Boots – c/o | CANADA GOOSE Leather Mitts – c/o |

winter-style-3-ways-11 winter-style-3-ways-12

Power Clashing Patterns

By far my favourite advice of all is to manifest an outfit so wild that it would be visible to a helicopter should there be an emergency situation. I kid. But definitely something to take into consideration should the mountains be a destination of choice. Burton is by far my ride or die (literally and figuratively ride, that is) outdoor clothier. There’s no way I’m getting #FoxyOutdoorsy in anything less than a leopard print snowpant and Japanese landscape patterned coat. Together, in harmony. If I could somehow get my neon pink one piece from 1995, I would surely still wear it. In the meantime, I’ll settle for the tasteful offerings from Burton.

OUTFIT | BURTON Shenandoah Beanie – c/o | BURTON x L.A.M.B. Jet Blonde Bomber Jacket – c/o | BURTON Leopard Snow Pants – c/o | CANADA GOOSE Leather Mitts – c/o | SOREL Joan of Arctic Boots – c/o 

winter-style-3-ways-14 winter-style-3-ways-15

3 Ways To Dress for Outdoor Adventures (With Style)

These were the three outfits I wore over and over again while out and about in Montana. During my stay at the Sacajawea Hotel, a historic lodging in Three Forks, Montana, it snowed A LOT. It was December after all. Rather than hide away in bed, which was very tempting, we braved the cold. Thanks to my many layers and functional pieces, I was able to go on long walks without completely freezing up. It all begins and ends with a good boot! I’ve worn Sorel footwear for many years and they haven’t ever let me down! Do you have any secret tips for winter dressing?

Photographs – Jesse Sand + Sandy Karpetz

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STYLE | How to Improve Your Winter Mood

STYLE | How to Improve Your Winter Mood


How to Improve Your Winter Mood

Oh winter! So pretty in pictures and such a dreamy thing in theory. It has this magical quality up until December 31st. Then it gets tiresome digging your car from underneath a foot of snow. And when you realize the rest of the world actually gets to see crocuses blooming at the end of February, that’s when the reality sets in. That’s when I have a crisis about lifestyle choices and wonder how I ended up back in the Great White North so to speak. I had my out and yet here I am. So I’ve made the best of it. The only way to get over it is to give in to it. Only then can you truly enjoy it. Here’s a few tips on how to improve your winter mood:


winter-wonderland-style-2 winter-wonderland-style-3

A Change in Palette

One major key on how to improve a winter mood is dressing to please. This year I’ve been leaning into the snowiness by putting in some extra effort in. Nothing makes me feel more amped on a situation than if I’m wearing an elevated look. I find it’s easy to default to winter blacks. Whipping out a pop of colour has the ability not only lift your mood but the people around you. Making my life a pink winter wonderland has definitely elevated my mood this year. It’s so easy to slip in a Phantom Tollbooth Doldrums-esque state if you aren’t aware of how your surroundings are making you feel. In addition to some vitamin D3, I prescribe a dose of colour for the season.

winter-wonderland-style-6 winter-wonderland-style-7


hat – alpaca farm Gabriola
top – c/o H&M
jacket – c/o Banana Republic
denim – c/o Frank & Oak
sneakers – c/o Vans


Smile If You Can

When I’m running, my Samsung Health app will shout encouragements such as “Smile If You Can.” I have taken this advice to the streets and in to my every day life. It’s surprisingly extremely effective. It’s hard to feel bad shovelling the walk when you’ve decided to start smiling. It sounds cheesy as hell, but I stand by my commitment to this technique!


Here Comes The Sun

I really wasn’t kidding about that vitamin D3. Especially if you live in a northern city, it’s a must. In addition to that, why not head outside and connect with nature? My number one rule this year has been to not allow the weather dictate what I will and will not do. There may be a snowstorm but you better believe I’m making it to my lunch date and going to a rowing class. I may not get there as quickly as I normally would, but I’ll be there!

photographs – Audrey Karpetz 

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