Getting by cowgirl chic on while showing a lil’ leg and pulling a face.

Warming up my web shooters a la Spiderman

Light prop suitcase with nothing in it and a dumb face.
Twin Peaks meets Nancy Drew but a touch deranged. This plaid skirt is currently available here.
Inventive title and a Beaker face

Like, WHATEVER man. This t shirt was laid to rest this year due to an unfortunate fence jumping incident that resulted in a torn shirt and that sweet scar down my abdomen. #jeditraining

Extreme close up on my janky face. Amazing geometric patterned dress available here.

I’m happy to announce that I am now offering e-courses on how to pose with sass as I’ve obviously perfected the stick out tongue/crazy eyes combo and want to school the world on this unique technique.

Changing my shoes on a bridge and looking real good.

Angry marching, that’s all.

Photographs – Michael Borchert // Vickie Laliotis