There’s a dreamy jewellery line from Toronto that goes by name Archerade which combines the craft of silversmithing with exceptional design. I’m fortunate to have friends across the country that introduce me to amazing designers like Sasha Oda, the beauty and skilled hands behind Archerade. The detail and thought that goes into designing and making each piece is awe-inspiring. 
This gorgeous Montague Torc necklace, which has now been redesigned in full silver, is an excellent example of the simple yet interesting designs coming from this brand. It’s a piece that pairs seamlessly with the majority of my wardrobe. The Sticksss earrings are also versatile. I like when they poke out from beachy waves or when they’re more visible worn with a messy topknot and you can truly appreciate how textured they are. 
I’ve partnered with this lovely artisan to giveaway a pair of her coveted Sticksss stirling silver earrings. Check out The Pretty Secrets on Instagram today for details on how to enter! In the meantime, visit Archerade online at their websiteEtsy, and Instagram for extra inspiration. 
Photographs – Michael Borchert