My history with Urban Decay started in my teens; I had just turned the tender age of 15 while on a school trip to Europe. Feeling lucky to have been in two countries in one day on the actual date, I had no idea France would become such a game changer in my life. 
During the allotted shopping time, my friends and I wandered down the Champs-Élysées. A black glossy storefront caught my eye and we went inside. This was the first Sephora I had ever seen. I had no idea such a place existed. A temple of beauty with endless options and colours and scents. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. 
Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Spandex | Acid | Junkshow | Amp | Glam Rock | Distortion
After walking up and down every aisle, I was particularly drawn to this brand, Urban Decay, with it’s industrial looking tin packaging and clever city inspired names for each product. This was 2002 and my mind was being blown, coming from a prairie town that did not appreciate an eyeshadow called Dive Bar or Smog. I settled on a metallic purple eyeshadow (that I may still actually have and will update once I’ve fully unpacked my life). A colour that I knew was completely impractical but would surely set the tone for my upcoming high school career.
Moondust Eyeshadows in Cosmic | Interstellar | Dark Force
Flash forward 14 years and a box full of metallic dreams arrives on my doorstep from no other than Urban Decay. As I unpacked each item, with my excitement rising, I was brought back to that spring day in Paris. If only I could tell 15 year old Sandy about the giant Urban Decay box headed her way. I’d say “Hey Sandy, get ready to live.” 
This box of treats was definitely the kick in the ass I needed to feel more inspired to be creative with my make up again and remind me what I loved about it in the first place – the impracticality, the magic, the mystery. People may be setting goals for 2016 but I’m setting vibes for the new year and this one will be spacey glitter cowboy rock goddess-ey.