Kitschy roadside attractions are my kryptonite so when I discovered there was an original tiki bar from the 60s in Tuscon, I made immediate plans to pay it a visit. The Kon Tiki Bar & Restaurant was opened in 1963 and has changed very little of its decor (as far as I could tell, the only updates were the addition of tv screens behind the bar) – velvet paintings, blow-fish lights, and dried grass huts are just a few touches I noted and appreciated greatly.

We tried to sample a decent chunk of the menu which only resulted in my leaving quite tipsy. One Blue Hawaii, one Kon Tiki Special, followed up with a Scorpion Bowl (recommended by a regular) was a deadly combination I offset by consuming Birds-on-a-stick, Nachos, and the Volcano Chicken Wings.

Kon-Tiki-Tucson-drinks-2 Kon-Tiki-Tucson-3 Kon-Tiki-Tucson-decor-4 Kon-Tiki-Tucson-decor-5 Kon-Tiki-Tucson-decor-6 Kon-Tiki-Tucson-outside-7 Kon-Tiki-Tucson-decor-8 Kon-Tiki-Tucson-decor-9 Kon-Tiki-Tucson-decor-10 Kon-Tiki-Tucson-decor-11 Kon-Tiki-Tucson-decor-12

Visit the Kon Tiki at: 4625 E. Broadway, Tucson AZ 85711


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