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Pura Botanicals is a natural skincare line from Edmonton founded by resident alchemist Lane Edwards who is a purveyor of eco-friendly practices and chemical-free cosmetics.

Last month my sister and I went on a tour of the Pura HQ, a serene haven of delicious smelling products and Pinterest worthy decor. It seemed as though each piece of furniture or accessory had a story to accompany it, which is my favourite way to learn about the character of any space. The detail put into each product and every corner of the showroom is evidence of the care that has gone into forming this brand.

We were welcomed by the whole team and fully immersed into the Pura lifestyle. Verdict: we will never look back! Even as I sit here typing this, I am currently spritzing myself with the Desire Mist and breathing deeply.

Aside from their amazing skincare rituals, they also offer the service of bespoke perfume. Imagine a one-on-one meeting to design your own signature scent made the way of traditional perfumes. If that doesn’t sound like a dream come true, I really don’t know what would.


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Neon sign custom made locally by Martin Neon

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Botanical Prints by Bell Maison Art

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Wall hangings by Little Loom | antique chandelier

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Watch for an upcoming post where I gush about my favourite Pura products and my skincare rituals. In the meantime, visit Pura online, at their stockists, or in store:

#204 10132 124 St NW
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Open Wednesdays 10am-4pm

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