Happy Star Wars Day! This is really just an excuse to showcase my rad pyjamas, let’s be honest. My sister and I got matching pjs and slippers for Valentine’s Day from our Mother and all I really want to do is wear them outside. Robe life at its finest. Special thanks to Curtis Ross who lent me his lightsaber so that I was able to take my pj party to the next level. May the fourth be with youuuuuuu!

star-wars-may-fourth-light-sabre-r2d2-pjs-2 star-wars-may-fourth-light-sabre-r2d2-pjs-3 star-wars-may-fourth-light-sabre-r2d2-pjs-4 star-wars-may-fourth-light-sabre-r2d2-pjs-5 star-wars-may-fourth-light-sabre-r2d2-pjs-6

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