Last week I had the ultimate thrill of experiencing the newly opened The Rec Room. This 60,000 sq ft entertainment center is the first of its kind in Canada! Located in South Edmonton Common, The Rec Room is a one stop destination for a truly stellar outing boasting amenities such as three restaurants, bowling, axe throwing, a concert venue, pool, arcade games, not to mention a soon to be opened virtual reality experience – this fun center really has it all.




The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-3 The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-4 The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-5

We started our evening off at The Alley to try our hand at 10 pin bowling. I’ve never graduated from the granny style of bowling despite having been on a league briefly in Junior High. Having retained little to no muscle memory for the sport, our scores were brutal but we had a blast rolling the technicolor balls anyway.

The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-8 The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-9 The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-16

Next we hit up The Shed for the ultimate poutine experience. I started with the lobster poutine which was mind blowing. The gravy was perfection and the cheese curds were lightly melted. We also tried the porchetta (pictured below) – it did not disappoint.


If that wasn’t enough, saddled up next to the poutinerie was a doughnut stand. First you picked your doughnut (s’mores for me!) then you picked your stuffing, naturally I went with maple, and to send this dessert over the top – you were able to infuse it with three different options of alcohol – maple whiskey, Kahlua, or Baileys.

The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-26 The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-13

Heading over to The Yards to check out all the arcade games, but not before taking a peek at The Hall, a music venue within The Rec Room.


I’m a little bit of a vintage enthusiast so pinball is always my number one choice when it comes to arcade games. There were so many options – jumbo connect four, a giant piano, Mario Kart, basketball…. the list goes on! I especially enjoyed the clown ball toss and skee ball (like I said, always drawn to the classics).

The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-21 The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-22 The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-27 The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-28

To finish off the evening, we had to try out the last two restaurants of course. Firstly we hit up The Loft for some handcrafted traditional wood oven pizzas that are cooked in 90 seconds!!!

The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-19 The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-24 The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-25

Lastly, we popped by Three10 for some salads, steak, and The Rec Room’s signature cocktail – The Sweet & Sour Martini.

The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-29 The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-30 The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-31 The-Rec-Room-Edmonton-32

It was an unbelievable evening that I hope to repeat again soon! Check out The Rec Room on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and of course their website for more information.

photographs – Michael Borchert

This post was sponsored by The Rec Room.  The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.