Is it just me or is everyone suffering from a little holiday fatigue? As you may have noticed, this year I’ve taken a hard pass on my usual holiday content (a la themed gift guides) in favour of what I’m really grateful for this season: podcasts about MURDER. I am a murderino. One of my all time favourite books is The Gift of Fear. I am highly suspect of anyone and everyone in my life, because we all know you’re usually murdered by someone you know. So here is my gift to you, dear reader, my top pick of podcasts about a topic that endlessly fascinates me: MURDER.


The term “murderino” was born of this podcast. My dad often refers to this program as the “girls who coffee talk about murder” and it really is just that – Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark masterfully chat about grisly murders on the weekly like a couple of gals having a good gossip. Wanna feel like you’re at a slumber party with your best buds casually relaying a gruesome tale? Then this is the podcast for you. It is an incredibly quotable program on top of that:

“You’re in a cult. Call your dad!” || “Uber is just organized hitch hiking” || “Stay sexy & don’t get murdered!”

I will definitely be taking their advice the next time I plan a hike. Listen HERE.



If you want an in depth look at true crime stories but with a touch of dramatics – this is the podcast for you. Narrated by two lovely hosts Carter and Wenndy, as well as a cast of voice actors replicating the drama of the tales. This appealed to me because it reminded me of the old radio dramas I used to listen to such as The Shadow etc.

Listen HERE.


Shout out for Canadian Content! This podcast is from the CBC and while I think the first season is absolute waste, the second season had me on a listening marathon this past week. On December 31st 1997, Sheryl Sheppard is proposed to on television and disappears a day later. BOOM. If that doesn’t intrigue you, you might as well stop reading this post now.

Listen to the second season HERE.


Another wonderfully produced CBC program focusing on a murder that happened on a particularly sad stretch of road in Canada known as the Highway of Tears – a notorious spot for indigenous women who go missing. Not only is this investigative journalism at its finest, it also enlightens the listener on widely ignored issues about the indigenous community such as the impact of residential schools.

Listen HERE.


While this isn’t ~technically~ a murder podcast, the series on Charles Manson is fascinating. This isn’t a cut and dry recollection of the tale of the Manson murders but rather an in depth look at all the connections and weird factoids surrounding Charles Manson from birth up to the trial. Karina Longworth is remarkable with her thorough research; she never ceases to blow my mind with the unheard of details included in each episode… plus she has an incredibly soothing voice. If you’re interested in classic Hollywood, I would recommend listening to the podcast in its entirety.

Listen HERE.

Now the excitement of Santa won’t be the only thing keeping you up at night…