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In the fall I made a bold decision to cut my bangs. It’s the age old tale of having a personal crisis and taking it out on your hair, I too am susceptible to clichĂ©s. Though it looked incredibly cute, I quickly discovered that bangs are just not for me. Read on to find out my trials and tribulations of life with bangs….

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First of all, I run at a high temperature most times which means moisture which means sweaty sticky bangs. Ugh.

Secondly, one gust of wind and it’s all over. I found myself constantly combing them straight.

Lastly, you must always blow dry them and guess what? I’m too low maintenance on my hair to even consider that a feasible lifestyle choice.

Here are a few products that made this experience more manageable for me:

Big shout out to dry shampoo! Without it, I would have had to blow dry my bangs many more times than I cared to. My two favourites right now are Ouai and R+Co.

I’m all about layering of scents and that includes my hair. I’d top off the dry shampoo with a little Jasmine or Rose hair mist from Herbivore Botanicals for good measure.

These are the real magic makers when it comes to bangs. The Wet Brush was useful when my hair was still damp. I would brush my bangs to the left and then to the right under my T3 Featherweight blowdryer until they were mostly dry. I would follow that up with the Kevin.Murphy (similar here) round brush to give them a bit of curl – see below photos for an example of my wicked technique. The Conair teasing brush is the one I would carry around to straight or adjust any mishaps that happened during the day. If my hair started to do that attractive separating act like it does when it’s a bit greasy, I would back comb those bitches back into place.

With the amount of blowdrying I was doing, the frizz that came with it was inevitable. I needed a little extra help in the smoothing department. Thank goodness for Kevin.Murphy’s Smooth.Again  wash and rinse.



This is a cautionary tale. It’s been nearly 7 months since I cut them and I’m still growing them out. Would anyone be interested in seeing the different hair styles I’ve been wearing during this painful grow out stage? I would be happy to share.

Photographs + Illustrations – Sandy Joe

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