While staying at the Hotel Congress in downtown Tucson, we couldn’t resist walking across the street to check out Maynard’s Market & Kitchen. Located in the old Tucson train station, Maynards Market is an easy going wine bar and the Kitchen is a fine dining experience all under the same roof. The best part is, you have full view of the still very much active railroad tracks behind the station. The staff on both sides are some of the most friendly people I have come across in Arizona. Perhaps it’s a Tucson thing because it’s always there I am wowed by the hospitality of people in town.

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The Market is very easy going with a great selection of sandwiches and my personal favourite – poutine! Yes, there is a Canadian in the kitchen and he is doing the classic dish more than justice. Quebec cheese curds with a roasted duck gravy – what more can you ask for? You also have the option of added foie gras!

If you’re in the market for some prickly pear jelly and candies, look no further as the market carries the whole line. Bless.

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The ambience in the Kitchen is what I imagine a ritzy old dining car on a train to be like. Dark wood, heavy furniture, and a long elegant bar. The restaurant also overlooks the train tracks for your viewing pleasure.

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Katie and I were so excited about the menu at Maynards Kitchen that I can unashamedly admit we overate just to try all the wonderful dishes. We started with the Chef’s Board charcuterie and it was a well balanced dream. We kept mixing and matching condiments, meats, and cheeses willy nilly but everything went together beautifully.

The real stand out to me was the Beet Salad. Normally a salad with beets in it is pretty standard but they took it to the next level. Here are the ingredients: Salt roasted golden beet, farmers cheese, charred onion, tarragon, cocoa nibs, red radish, watercress, hibiscus vinaigrette. Is your mouth not watering? If the answer is no, you must not have a pulse.



For our main courses, I had the seafood bouillabaisse which was happiness in a bowl. Katie had the pan-roasted duck which I can confirm was MIND BLOWING because I insisted she share. We did not make it to dessert so I will have to make a return visit to report back on that one.

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