Back in March, I embarked on a trip to Africa. Morocco hadn’t really been a place that was on my radar until my adventurous friend Emily decided to pack up her life and move there to teach. Her sporadic updates and photographs over the past year were enough to convince me that I had better get there to experience it for myself. Two connections later I landed in Marrakech exhausted and astounded by their gorgeous airport. First stop: Lodge K Hotel and Spa.


Lodge K is an oasis hidden away from the bustle of the Medina. When you drive through the gates, you’re transported to a tropical dream land complete with a spa hidden under a grassy hill which evokes thoughts of hobbit living. Each of the 5 tented suites has it’s own theme – we stayed in the Balinais room and it was a decadent dream. We were greeted with a full fruit spread and a massive tub after a day wandering around the centre as well as our own private pool.

lodge-k-marrakech-7 lodge-k-marrakech-8 lodge-k-marrakech-9 lodge-k-marrakech-10

We were treated to a spa day as well. The day started off with a facial that was MIND BLOWING – both Emily and I agreed we had experienced nothing like it thus far. The whole treatment was created around fresh local ingredients; we essentially could have eaten everything that was applied to our face. Some of the highlights were a banana based mask, having our face rubbed with ice cubes, and most interestingly a technique of applying argan oil before a face mask.


The facial was followed up with my very first Hammam experience. If you’re wondering, a Hammam is akin to a Turkish bath. We were washed with black soap, scrubbed down with the Moroccan mud and an abrasive glove, rinsed, then treated to some acrobatic yoga in a giant steam room. Life. Changing. (If you’re curious to learn more, my partner in crime Emily made a youtube video HERE)

lodge-k-marrakech-17 lodge-k-marrakech-18

Night time by the pool was so relaxing – everything about the lodge was serene.

lodge-k-marrakech-21 lodge-k-marrakech-22 lodge-k-marrakech-23 lodge-k-marrakech-24

Lunch was served poolside with each dish more delicious than the last. We started with some Moroccan rosé wine paired with lobster and a gooseberry garnish, followed by a main of fish which was so tender, and finally a chocolate dessert. No meal is complete without a glass of the famous Moroccan mint tea.

lodge-k-marrakech-25 lodge-k-marrakech-26 lodge-k-marrakech-27
lodge-k-marrakech-31 lodge-k-marrakech-29 lodge-k-marrakech-32

When anyone asks me what I thought of Morocco, the first words out of my mouth are “life changing” which is what I’ve repeatedly said in this post and has a lot to do with the wonderful hospitality we experienced staying at Lodge K. After staying there, my relaxation level was at the super chill sunglasses emoji face. I cannot wait to return.

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