The weather this spring and summer has been such a mixed bag that I never seem to leave home without a rain coat; a freak thunder shower seems to be looming around every corner this days. Getting caught in the rain has never been a negative in my books. The after rain smell while in nature is a scent I would love to bottle; it is intoxicating.

My enthusiasm for rainy days is mostly due to the fact that I am prepared for such occasions; I like the rain, I do not like getting soaked. This season I’ve been alternating between my Burton Sadie Rain Jacket, it’s perfect for hikes and river valley strolls, and my Burton Flare Parka Rain Jacket which is super easy to squish down in your bag and great for layering.

burton-rainjacket-mountains-2 burton-rainjacket-mountains-3

OUTFIT – Burton Custom Pullover Hoodie in Bleach Wash | Burton Flare Parka Rain Jacket in True Blue

burton-rainjacket-mountains-6 burton-rainjacket-mountains-7
burton-rainjacket-mountains-10 burton-rainjacket-mountains-11

Of course it rained when I went on a roadtrip to the northernmost badlands, but of course I packed my lil blue parka and layered it on top of a chunky knit sweater, added some rain boots and I was good to go walk all of the paths around the ancient formations. The best part? Mosquitoes cannot penetrate the waterproof material – I was bite free for once!

burton-rainjacket-mountains-15 burton-rainjacket-mountains-16 burton-rainjacket-mountains-17
burton-rainjacket-mountains-18 burton-rainjacket-mountains-19 burton-rainjacket-mountains-20 burton-rainjacket-mountains-21

Edmonton is known for its vast river valley system but this is truly the first summer I have made a point of enjoying it fully. More often than not I’m up at 6:30 and down in the valley walking or running the trails. The dewy mornings are best accompanied by my Sadie Rain Jacket, just long enough that I can sit down on a bench that’s been fully rained on without being drenched. What a luxury!

burton-rainjacket-mountains-24 burton-rainjacket-mountains-25 burton-rainjacket-mountains-26

Nothing like a side of sass in a popping coral coat – I certainly don’t blend in in the river valley.



OUTFIT | Burton Sadie Rain Jacket in Coral


From the mountains to my own backyard, a little rain is not stopping me from my outdoor pursuits, urban commutes to the coffee shop, or even running to my car during a downpour. I’m looking forward to taking these jackets out on the road to the island and camping over the next two months as the summer unfolds.

Photographs – Jesse Sand // Vickie Laliotis

This post was sponsored by BURTON. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.

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