First of all, Lush is one of my favourite all natural companies on earth. Their commitment to the environment is admirable but also, I love not having to feel guilty about excess packaging when it comes to my beauty routine. One of the lesser known things about Lush is that they actually have a spa at a few select locations including London. Naturally I had to suss it out while I was in town; it did not disappoint.


I headed to Oxford Street to their flagship shop in London for an hour of bliss. The treatment I indulged in was The Good Hour and I must say, it was the theme park of massages. I met my masseuse and we picked out a massage bar (I picked hottie because of the black pepper and ginger scents. So good.) Then she threw a Big Blue bath bomb into a pitcher to scent the room and we set sail on a most spectacular journey.

lush-cosmetics-spa-london-4 lush-cosmetics-spa-london-5 lush-cosmetics-spa-london-6

First of all, it’s nautical themed and they really stay true to it for the whole 70 minutes. It was BLISS. Secondly, they have an in house Lush band who created a specific soundtrack for this treatment. As you can imagine, all the songs are old timey sea shanties and you’re massaged to the beat of the music! Did I mention that you can actually purchase the soundtrack post treatment too?

lush-cosmetics-spa-london-10 lush-cosmetics-spa-london-9
lush-cosmetics-spa-london-13 lush-cosmetics-spa-london-14 lush-cosmetics-spa-london-15

The massage was a deep tissue sensory overload complete with a dry ice fog drifting out from beneath the bed. Every little detail had been considered, right down to the bathroom being completely stocked with all my Lush favourites. Another notable detail is the fact that Lush curated the whole decor of the spa from local charity shops. If I wasn’t already in love with them, this officially sealed the deal.

lush-cosmetics-spa-london-18 lush-cosmetics-spa-london-19

I cannot say enough good things about the Lush Spa on Oxford Street. The whole experience was a sensory overload and I’m pretty sure I drifted out of there on a bathbomb cloud. They even gave me a new Hottie massage bar to take home! My only complaint – there isn’t a spa in Canada yet! Fingers doubly crossed on that one.

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