Driving down to Calgary may only be a three hour time commitment but the stark contrast in the change of scenery makes you feel as though you are worlds away. There are a number of different neighbourhoods to check out, the downtown core is so impressive with the looming skyscrapers giving that infinite tunnel feeling when you cross the street and look down the road, and of course, there is the luxurious Hotel Arts to rest your head at the end of the day when you’re done exploring.

Walking into the lobby, you’re greeted with a lengthy blown glass grand light fixture that looks suspiciously like a collection of the most delicious sweets. There’s a dual sided fire place flanked with ample seating on either side as well as a delightful view of the outdoor pool which also features a smattering of art pieces along the patio. There is no shortage to the intricate sculptures peppered throughout the hotel; there is always something more you can look at!

Hotel Arts is also home to two exceptional restaurants – Yellow Door Bistro, a breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner spot as well as the Raw Bar a modern take on Vietnamese cuisine one can enjoy from 4pm and on. The cocktails at the latter are quite a delight.

All of that sound pretty great to you? Then keep on scrolling for some accompanying visuals:

hotel-arts-calgary-2 hotel-arts-calgary-3

The most important part of checking into a hotel is immediately throwing on a robe and cozying up the crisp bed sheets… especially if the room you’re in happens to be at the Hotel Arts. The pillows are heavenly and I love that a king size bed allows you the option to sleep length or width wise. What a decadent treat compared to my lil double at home.

hotel-arts-calgary-4 hotel-arts-calgary-7 hotel-arts-calgary-8 hotel-arts-calgary-9

Have you heard of Skoah? They originally started in Vancouver in 2001 as the antithesis of a typical spa. Since then, they have grown immensely opening more locations as well as creating their own product line comprised of rich natural oils. That product line, my friend, are the bath products stocked at Hotel Arts. Their minty body wash and cream will have you tingly clean and loving every minute of it while you indulge yourself in the marble walled bathroom. Sigh.

hotel-arts-calgary-12 hotel-arts-calgary-13

Another wonderful amenity the Hotel Arts offers is a bike borrowing program complete with helmets and locks. There is no better way to discover a city and all of its green spaces than being able to bike around it at your leisure. We packed up our picnic lunches from the Yellow Door Bistro (they do takeaway!) and headed down to the bike paths along the Bow River for some people watching, sandwich eating, sun soaked good times.

Calgary has a well organized bike lane system through its core and luckily for us hesitant cyclists, one of the bike lane thoroughfares runs right in front of the Hotel Arts. We were on the path and by the river in no time while cruising on our cute borrowed Brooklyn Bicycles.


The Pink Lemonade from the Yellow Door Bistro was simply wonderful on a sunny afternoon in Calgary.


Staying at the Hotel Arts is the perfect mixture of being beside the downtown core but also in an eclectic area with independent restaurants and cafes. It’s safe to say I love the Beltline area in Calgary! Every thing you could ever want is within a reasonable walking distance… including my favourite haunt 10 Foot Henry – it’s legit across the street from Hotel Arts.

photographs – Jesse Sand & Sandy Karpetz

Many thanks to Tourism Calgary for hosting us on this stay!

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