Hey look, it’s me wearing clothes again! Or more specifically, my pajamas in public because why not. One could argue that it is, in fact, a slip dress. Semantics really. There’s something freeing about going to bed in something and deciding in the morning that it looks cute enough to continue wearing. This was a move I pulled on the daily in university, back when the item of choice was a current boyfriend’s pilled white t shirt and much less attractive than this slip. I always say, if it feels good, wear it. Even if that means you’re rolling out of bed and going to class in the same outfit three days in a row especially if you’re in fashion school and people will definitely take notice. I speak from experience.


OUTFIT | hat – c/o GAP | clubmaster sunglasses – RAY-BAN | lipstick – STILA | denim – VINTAGE – similar here | slip dress – VINTAGE – similar here | shoes – c/o LE CHATEAU – similar here |

floral-slip-magic-hour-11 floral-slip-magic-hour-12

I’m drinking in every last day I’m able to wear cute pjs out in the warm summer sun before the leaves drop from the trees and I’m back to layering like Lenny Kravitz and his massive scarf. That was a real moment in fashion.

photographs – Jesse Sand

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