Allow yourself a minute to adjust your eyes to a dimly lit tiki dream bar. Good, now we can get started.  As you may or may not be aware of, I am on a tiki tour of the world. The allure of the kitsch is strong within me and I have made a point of seeking out establishments old and new of the Polynesian variety. From Arizona to Japan, the tiki always finds me; beckons me with its warm glowing blow fish lights. How thrilled was I to find out that there was a tiki bar in Vancouver? One cannot express the joy of discovering The Shameful Tiki Room. If you aren’t into the garish decor that is the essence of all things tiki or fruity n boozy cocktails that are often ablaze with an artful flame, perhaps you should exit out of this browser now. If all of that sounds like a real keen time to you, scroll on!


Does this drink come with a side of flame? That’s the only question I ever want answered when at a tiki establishment. I *believe* this was the Zombie cocktail which was rated 4/4 barrels – the maximum alcohol content; there’s a limit of 2 per customer if that’s any indication of the level of potency. This is what I would classify as a “floor licker” beverage. It tastes super good but don’t drink it too fast otherwise you’ll be on all fours in no time.

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What’s better than a flaming drink for one? A FLAMING DRINK FOR TWO! I’ll admit I was incredibly intrigued by this indulgent drink solely due to its name: the Mystery Bowl. Who doesn’t love a good mystery? I’ve always been a huge fan of Nancy Drew so this seemed like a natural progression, really.

There are so many more fantastic cocktails to be had! We paced ourselves as to insure that we would be leaving the bar upright. Check out their extensive “grog” list here. They also serve food as well which we did not have room for so it still remains a mystery to me. Check out the chow here.

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You can find The Shameful Tiki Room at:

4362 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Sunday – Thursday
5:00pm — 12:00am
Friday – Saturday 5:00pm — 1:00am

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