One of the biggest trends this fall is the Canadian Tuxedo and where better to get fully decked out in denim than at Levi’s, the most knowledgeable purveyor of all things denim. Lucky for us in Edmonton, Levi’s just opened a mainline shop in West Edmonton Mall – the perfect place to satiate your thirst for autumn denim pieces. If that wasn’t exciting enough, this particular location also has a Tailor Shop in house which means… CUSTOM DENIM! I was thrilled when I heard I had the option of creating a unique jean jacket that would be one-of-a-kind and completely personalized with the option of patches, embroidery, pins, and distressing. Where to even begin?!


If I could dispense only one fashion tip, it would be that everyone needs a well fitting jean jacket in their wardrobe. Its versatility is something I continue to discover day after day. When all else fails, a jean jacket always seems to be the answer to a question I didn’t even know I was asking. Which is why I started my custom denim adventure by selecting a classic jean trucker jacket that fit me like a glove. I then found out that this particular item, the trucker jacket, is currently celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year! It’s sure looking good for its age 😉

Levis-tailor-shop-edmonton-7 Levis-tailor-shop-edmonton-6

Moving on to the customization, I knew I needed my blog name on at least one piece of clothing I own so naturally I began with that. Then I decided to incorporate my two favourite flowers: lilac & lily of the valley into a bouquet on the back. The coolest part is the hidden details you can include like the tiny sprig of lilies under the collar. I felt the same thrill as I did when I was a child at Disneyland having my first Mickey Mouse ears embroidered with my name…. only this is ten times better because I can wear it everyday and isn’t site specific.


There were so many design details that I hadn’t even considered before arriving – what type of font for the writing, what colours of thread, the placement of each piece of embroidery! Sometimes the wealth of choice can be overwhelming, luckily the staff in the Tailor Shop are well versed in guiding your vision. The icing on the design cake would definitely be the Pintrill enamel pins – of course I had to get the doughnut.

Levis-tailor-shop-edmonton-17 Levis-tailor-shop-edmonton-23

Forget going where everybody knows your name, just get it embroidered on your jacket.


One of the things I love most about Levi’s is how affordable they are. There seems to be a misconception that denim has to be super expensive in order to be “good.” I can assure you from personal experience, whether I have bought vintage Levi’s or brand new ones, they always age to perfection. And they’re always in a reasonable price point.


OUTFIT | earrings – c/o ALDO | thrill seeker lipstick – c/o SMASHBOX | trucker jacket – c/o LEVI’S | button up top – c/o LEVI’S | wedgie fit denim – c/o LEVI’S | sandals – c/o ALDO |

Levis-tailor-shop-edmonton-5 Levis-tailor-shop-edmonton-16

I will most definitely be wearing this 50s inspired look alllllll autumn long until I am forced to roll down the jean cuffs and put on some socks. Until then, it’ll be nothing but denim on denim and red lips. Feeling like you need some more denim in your life this fall? Check out this link for more information on the shop location or to book an appointment for some denim customizations HERE.

photographs – Adventures in Fashion

This post is sponsored by Levi’s® Canada as part of the new Levi’s® store opening at West Edmonton Mall!  All opinions on this blog are my own.

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