How to Make a Personalized Holiday Card

Since the holiday season isn’t a time of year that is taxing, how about a quick little project to add to an ever growing list of things to do? Here’s how to make a personalized holiday card! It’s actually quite simple and will be more appreciated than any store bought mass produced card. This is the ultimate snowflake of a holiday greeting card!



Firstly, a concept for the card is the best place to start. Since Christmas follows Halloween, there’s an opportunity to buy some deeply discounted costumes for this. I went the crafty route and constructed a giant present dress out of a moving box. You are only limited by your imagination so DREAM BIG! Or maybe you have some ridiculously festive clothing hanging around like a Harley Davidson Christmas Shirt? Pick a theme and stick with it.

diy-holiday-greeting-card-8 diy-holiday-greeting-card-5


The outfit is the first impression, the props are the icing on the cake. Give your mailing list something to feast their eyes upon when opening up their power bills. I paired my holiday gift dress with a headpiece I made out of old Christmas decorations. It’s a show stopper. Coupled with these satin red Aldo Stessy R pumps, I made this otherwise ridiculous box dress have a 50s pin up vibe. Poof! Like magic! Finally, add a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree for the final touch of nostalgia.



My sister is a graphic designer and she always speaks highly of Moo, a company specializing in print products. Their site is super easy to use. All that is required to make a greeting card is uploading a photo. Should this be a project you want to try, my readers will receive 20% off their first Moo order. The cards arrived quickly and are PERFECT! If only I could hire someone to handwrite all the envelopes. (This is not sponsored by them. I truly enjoyed their services and paid for the product)

photographs – Katie Karpetz of Bonded Design

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