Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Body Positive Friend

We’re moving into an era where the shackles of shame are being released. The way our bodies function and their needs shouldn’t be a cause of shame to us any longer. Easier said than done, of course. However, I’m trying to make small changes within my own life. Be it checking the tone of my internal dialogue to recognizing when I’m feeling shame and identifying why. When I first decided to make this guide, I was hesitant due to the optics of being open about sexuality. What would people think of me? I then realized this is about sharing products I enjoy and others might too. So here it is. This is the gift guide for the empowered woman in your life or the one who needs a boost to realize that being body/sex positive shouldn’t be shameful. Here are some holiday gift ideas for your body positive friend.


I’m starting this off easy, like dipping a toe in a pool. Ease into this gift. I am a HUGE FAN of Lush Massage Bars. Not only are they the least messy way to oil up for a massage, every one smells so damn good. And they can also be used as a moisturizer too – perfect for travel! I first tried one out when I went to the Lush Spa in London for a massage. My life changed. A personal favourite is the Wiccy Magic Muscles. It smells of cinnamon and has a layer of aduki beans that help deepen the massage.


Lil’ Rabbits

What better a gift than the gift of a good orgasm? Yup, we went from massage bar straight to little vibrating friends. They are adorable in a not tacky I-would-leave-this-displayed-on-my-night-table kind of way.

On the left is the Form 2 by JimmyJane. It’s palm sized but packs a lot of punch with a motor in each ear. It has some pretty intense vibration patterns, 4 different ones to be exact. And 5 power levels. It charges on the white base so no battery changing is necessary. There’s a reason why its won so many awards. 😉

The Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator is also very portable and offers 5 speeds with 7 different vibration patterns. Lots of variety! Bonus: they’re both waterproof too should a relaxing bath come up. I would like to commend both for the intuitive AND attractive designs as well.



I have become more aware of the importance of having a strong pelvic floor in more recent years. There’s a host of benefits to doing kegel exercises: deeper orgasms, helping with childbirth, and better urinary control post birth. Partially sexy, partially practical. The best part of the Je Joue Ami set is that it’s progressive. You can actually track your muscle improvement when moving up a size. They’re made of soft silicon too so they’re comfortable to use for extended periods of time. Do your yoni right by these!



The world of pubic hair is all over the place. A personal preference spectrum goes from completely bare to 70s muff. All of which are perfectly great if you’re happy with it! I found some rad products that are useful for any ‘do you choose for your pubes. Enter Fur, a line specifically designed to soothe/groom the pubic area. This trio is a dream to use. Firstly, the Fur Oil, a blend of antibacterial essential oils helps to soften the pubic hair while cleaning the pores. Secondly, the Stubble Cream is great for shaven areas with its rich blend of oils and butters. Lastly, the real hero product of them all, is the Ingrown Concrentrate. It comes with a little finger mitt to help exfoliate in the shower! If you have ingrown issues, which every woman I’ve ever known has dealt with this, Fur will heal and minimize the problem.



This was my first experience in the sex toy world. I can confidently say it was mind blowing. I liken it to standing near a speaker while watching your favourite band play. THE BASS! What am I talking about? The Sona by Lelo (which is currently 50% off on their site right now). It sonically stimulates the clitoris. It’s waterproof, it’s quiet, it’s ergonomic for your hand!  Seriously, stop reading this and go treat yourself.


I like to treat myself to wearing fancy lingerie on a normal day. It’s like a secret present to yourself. Fortnight, a Canadian designed and made brand, is always my go-to for this. It fuses gorgeous design with comfort like this set, the Ivy Classic Bra and Bikini Underwear in champagne of course.  I’ll be writing about them at length soon enough but in the meantime, here’s a blog post, The Great Escape, about the amazing bathing suit from them.



And finally, a book that will blow a mind. Side note: this whole blog post was just about things that blew my mind this year. Perhaps I should reconsider the title of it. I digress. I devoured this book in days reading up on how monogamy was introduced with the advent of agriculture. How, originally, our society was based on nomadic people who would forage and look after everyone in their group. Another really cool thing that came out of agriculture? The oppression of women. So on a heavy note, I leave you with this excellent read: The Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means For Modern Relationships.

photographs – Sandy Joe Karpetz

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